Wootechy iSalvor iCloud Unlock Tool Download

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Wootechy iSalvor iCloud Unlock Tool Download

A locked iPhone or iPad is never a desirable circumstance. And if you believe you are left with an inoperable smartphone, we have some good news for you.

You’ve probably tried iCloud unlocking tools without success. Finding a suitable tool that does the task is half the battle.


And if you’re seeking for an objective review of one of the most well-known iCloud unlocking solutions — Wootechy iSalvor — you’ve come to the correct spot. Do you wish to discover how wootechy isalvor operates? is wootechy isalvor safe? Below you’ll find everything you need to know about it, as well as a terrific alternative – so you can quickly unlock your iPhone!

What is Wootechy iSalvor?

Wootechy iSalvor is among the most efficient iCloud unlocking applications on the market.

In addition to helping you unlock locked iCloud and overcome the locked iCloud activation page, Wootechy iSalvor may also be used to remove screen lock, bypass activation, and disable find my iPhone.

However, where can I obtain Wootechy iSalvor? This gadget can get you out of a jam and is accessible for download from its official website. It is also quite reasonable.

Pros and Cons of Wootechy iSalvor

Naturally, any software such as Wootechy iSalvor has advantages and cons, so continue reading to learn what you should know before beginning the procedure.


    • A rapid and straightforward unlocking procedure.
    • Not requiring any prior technical expertise
    • Can perform three forms of unlocking/bypassing as opposed to simply one.
    • 24/7 customer service that is readily accessible.


    • To unlock or circumvent restrictions, jailbreaking is required.
    • A factory reset will no longer be possible once the operation has been completed.
    • After unlocking, certain Apple ID features will no longer be accessible.
    • It comes at a relatively high price.
    • In certain jurisdictions or countries, it may be illegal to use this instrument.

We believe that the disadvantages are a small price to pay, given that you are left in a dire scenario where you are unable to utilize an Apple device.

DOWNLOAD Wootechy iSalvor iCloud Unlock Tool 

How to use Wootechy iSalvor iCloud Unlock Tool

Follow careful step by steps below to  use Wootechy iSalvor iCloud Unlock Tool;

Step 1:Run WooTechy iSalvor

Aftre Download WooTechy iSalvor and install it on your Mac or PC. Choose “iCloud Activation Lock Screen” when prompted.

Next, click the “Start” button.

Step 2:Connect iDevice

Connect your iDevice to your Mac or PC using a lightning wire. A genuine Lightning cable is advised. If the connection failed, please click “Your iDevice cannot be recognized” to view the available solutions.

Step 3:Jailbreak Your iDevice

A jailbreak is needed before bypassing iCloud activation lock on your iDevices. Please ensure that your iDevice has been jailbroken prior to beginning the bypass procedure.

Option 1: Jailbreak Solution for macOS Version

After establishing a connection, iSalvor will automatically download the correct jailbreak package for your iDevice. When the download is complete, hit the “Start Jailbreak” button.

Follow the on-screen instructions and do exactly what is required by the tool to place your iDevice into DFU mode. Wait till the jailbreaking process is complete. After successfully jailbreaking your iDevice, click “Next” to proceed.

Option 2: Jailbreak Solution for Windows Version

There is no jailbreak program for the Windows OS. To jailbreak your iDevice on a Windows PC, select the ” Jailbreak Tutorial ” button and follow the tutorial. When the jailbreak process is complete, click “Finished Jailbreak” to continue.

Step 4:Bypass Activation Lock Screen

All the information about your iDevice will be provided in the next window. Before beginning the bypass process, verify the device’s model, iOS version, IMEI, serial number, and UDID. Click the “Start Bypass” button then.

(Note: Once the bypassing process is complete, all features of your new Apple ID, including Apple ID, iTunes ID, Apple Store, and others, are accessible, with the exception of phone calls, cellular, FaceTime, iMessage, and iCloud.)

iSalvor will immediately begin bypassing the Apple activation lock screen. The entire bypass procedure takes only a few seconds.

A successfully bypassed window will appear on your Mac or PC once the process is complete. That indicates the activation lock screen associated with the previous owner’s Apple ID has been successfully circumvented. Click “Done” to conclude the entire procedure. With your new Apple ID, you can now utilize your iDevice!

The Best Alternative to WooTechy iSalvor Unlock Tool: XTools iCloud Unlock Tool  is the best alternative to WooTechy iSalvor Unlock Tool.

Is WooTechy iSalvor Safe?

Yes. The WooTechy iSalvor jailbreaking software originates from a trustworthy and dependable source and is therefore safe to use. More than ten research and development engineers at WooTechy work relentlessly to ensure that you receive a flawless and working product.

You’ll also get a lifetime update. However, you will still face the following obstacles.

Cons of Jailbreak

Despite their numerous benefits, iDevices are among the most expensive and restrictive mobile devices. Some individuals believe Apple is acting unfairly and will utilize third-party software to circumvent the security settings on their iDevices.

How do they manage? They have their devices jailbroken. What exactly is jailbreaking? In general, jailbreaking is the process of eliminating restricted operating modes from a device. It is comparable to rooting Android devices.

And while its benefits to the user, jailbreaking exposes you to numerous risks. Here are a few disadvantages of jailbreaking your iDevice.

Disruption of Services

By jailbreaking your device, you run the risk of losing access to some of your iDevice’s essential applications and services. Among these are Apple Pay, iCloud, FaceTime, Weather, Visual Voicemail, iMessage, and others.

In addition, using third-party applications that rely on Apple services, such as the Apple Push Notification service, would be problematic.

Voids Warranty

Apple is so confident in its manufacturing procedures and product quality that it offers a one-year warranty on all new iPhones. The warranty covers any flaws in manufacturing or materials your iDevice may have.

However, certain actions, such as jailbreaking, would void your warranty immediately. According to Apple, the warranty does not extend to “an Apple Product whose functionality or capacity has been altered without Apple’s explicit authorization.”

Compromised Security

Jailbreaking will significantly compromise the security of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, making them easier targets for viruses.

Increases System Instability

Jailbreaking your iDevice disables the security measures imposed on apps prior to installation. You will lack these security and antivirus protections, and you may install unapproved programs that cause your Apple device to crash or become unusable.

Reduced Battery Life

A noticeable decrease in battery life is one indication that your phone has been hacked. Hackers use malware to transmit sensitive information from your mobile device to their servers. Therefore, if you jailbreak your phone and notice that its battery is draining faster than usual, it is likely infected with malware.

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