WebReg UCSD: Full Guide to UCSD WebReg 2022-2023 [updated]

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WebReg UCSD: Full Guide to UCSD WebReg 2022-2023 [updated]

WebReg UCSD is a web-based program used by students to register for classes at the University of California, San Diego.

Access to WebReg is restricted to currently enrolled students and enrollment windows only.

You can utilize UCSD WebReg to add courses to your planner, register for classes, drop classes, monitor your calendar and appointment time, and locate books and textbooks for registered courses.

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How to log into webreg ucsd

To access or use WebReg UCSD,

  • Access students.ucsd.edu in your browser.
  • On the Sign-In screen, enter your username and password.
  • Enter your password/PAC next.
  • To sign in, click the blue “Sign On” icon.
  • On the dashboard, select “Classes & Enrollment.
  • Then, from the drop-down option, select “WebReg
  • Choose your session and press “Go

WebReg UCSD: Full Guide to UCSD WebReg 2022-2023

Each term includes specified planning, enrollment, and withdrawal dates. Term messages will display on this page based on the dates specified.

How to enroll for classes on webreg UCSD

You can enroll in a class using either the List or UCSD Calendar Views from My Schedule in Webreg UCSD.

If the course has available seats, you can enroll directly using the search function once your appointment time becomes available.

To register for a class through WebReg UCSD,

  • To enroll in a class, click the Enroll button on the far right of the class’s page.
  • Next, verify the accuracy of the class information, choose the grading choice (Letter or Pass/Fail), and click the Confirm button. In certain cases, students are permitted to choose a unit option for a class.
  • Click Close or Send Me Email Confirmation to return to My Schedule once the Request Successful notice displays.
  • Additionally, you can enroll directly from the Search window by clicking the Enroll button.
  • In your List or Calendar, the enrolled class should be a distinct color.

How to drop a class in webreg UCSD

To drop a course during open enrollment dates:

Open “My Schedule“.

Click “Drop” in the Action column next.

Confirm the class details and warnings, then click “Drop.”

To return to My Schedule after the Request Successful message displays, click “Close” or “Send Me Email Confirmation.”

Verify that the item has been deleted from “My Schedule.”

WebReg UCSD frequently asked questions

How do I register for classes at UCSD?

On your designated enrollment day, you may register for classes at any time after your appointment. Visit WebReg UCSD. Select your enrollment term and student level. Register for the courses you wish to take.

Can I register for classes with time conflicts?

UC San Diego strongly recommends against registering for classes with schedule conflicts for a variety of reasons. Your competing classes may feature class meetings or synchronous sessions that necessitate your simultaneous attendance. Your final exams may also overlap. Faculty are not required to provide you with final exam accommodations.

Is the Winter 2022 and Spring 2022 Schedule of Classes similar to the Fall 2021 Schedule of Classes?

Yes, similar to Fall 2021, courses will be offered in the following three formats:

1. in-person,
2. remote, and
3. hybrid


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