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UVA SIS login portal guide

UVA SIS is the official student information system for all student-related information at the University of Virginia, including class enrollment, teaching and exam schedules, unofficial transcripts and grades, and student finances.

How to log into uva sis


UVA SIS login screenshot

To access uva sis,

  • Navigate to in.virginia.edu/sis.
  • Then, select SIS Login.
  • On the following screen, there are two login options for uva sis.
    • Use your Digital Certificate to log in.
    • Enter your UVA computer ID and password to log in.
  • Choose option 2
  • Enter your UVA ID for computing.
  • Then, enter your student account’s related password.
  • Click Sign In.

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To review and/or modify your primary name in the UVA SIS:

  • Choose My Profile from the menu on the left.
  • Select Biographical Specifics
  • The information regarding your Primary Name will be displayed under the Biographical Info tab. Review and make any required adjustments.

Use the following options to acquire your UVA SIS ID: (7-digit number in the Student Information System).

  • Option 1: After logging into SIS, browse to My Profile > General Information. In the General Information section, your SIS ID serves as your Student ID.
  • Option 2: Retrieve your UVA SIS ID if you know and can access the account for the email address you gave on your UVA application or SIS alternate email.
  • Contact the UVA Help Desk if none of the above solutions work for you.

How to update your current mailing adress in uva sis

To update your mailing address in SIS, please follow the accompanying steps 1 through 6.

  • Choose My Profile from the menu on the left.
  • Select Contact Details.
  • To edit the mailing address, click the pencil icon (edit) to the right of the box.
  • Update as necessary the Country, Address, City, State, and Postal fields.
  • Once all changes have been completed, click Save.
  • After clicking Save, a confirmation window will appear confirming that the mailing address has been modified.

How to reset your password

There are three possible methods to reset your password:

  • Access the Identity & Access Management portal (you will be required to log in with your current password or digital certificate).
  • Responses to security questions
  • Request a PIN to be sent to your backup email address or phone number.

How to check your grades in uva sis

  • To examine your final course grades in uva sis, pick Academics from the menu on the left.
  • Select Grades.
  • Each course’s grade will be reported in the Official column.

UVA NetBadge

NetBadge is the gatekeeper between users and UVA websites, services, and applications that require user identification verification before to giving access. NetBadge is not a computing account managed by ITS.

It is an electronic identity “badge” delivered to your Web browser when you join in to the NetBadge service at the University of Virginia. Many UVA websites and resources are protected by NetBadge, so whenever you visit one of these websites, your browser immediately displays your NetBadge to validate your identity as an authorized user of the protected UVA website.

How to log into Netbadge

You may log in to NetBadge using either your personal digital certificate (a faster and more secure approach) or your UVA computing ID and password.

Click the first login button on the NetBadge login page to utilize your digital certificate. Otherwise, enter your UVA computer ID and password on the NetBadge login screen (Forgot your password? Reset it.) Use the Login button and not the Enter key to log in after entering your password.

 Log Out of NetBadge

Always log out of NetBadge when you are finished to prevent others from accessing your personal information and visiting websites using your UVA NetBadge as if they were you. To completely log out:

  • Sign out of all NetBadge-protected websites.
  • Then, completely close your web browser.

Schedule Builder

Timetable Builder is a tool within uva sis that enables the creation of different schedule choices for the following term.

Watch this 5-minute video about the Schedule Builder posted below.

Uva sis account activation guide

Follow the below instructions to activate your uva sis account.

Step 1: Enter your access code

    • Go to the activation screen for the Identity & Access Management Portal.
    • Enter your name exactly as it appeared on your application for admission or employment.
    • You should have received an email containing your activation code.
      • Wise Students: The activation code is your Jenzabar identification number. Contact the OIT Help Desk in order to obtain your Jenzabar ID.
      • Employees: The activation code was delivered to the personal email address you supplied to Human Resources at the University of Virginia. For help, contact the UVA Help Desk.
      • Students: The activation code is your SIS identification number. Locate your SIS ID.
  • Enter your date of birth in the format mm/dd/yyyy.
  • Click Submit.

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Step 2: Accept terms of use

To go to Step 3, you must agree the Electronic Access Agreement and the University’s Terms of Use.

  • Follow the provided link to review UVA’s IRM-002 policy.
  • Click Accept.

Step 3: Set up 2-step login (Duo) (non-applicants)

You will use 2-Step Login (Duo) to access numerous UVA systems as a member of the UVA community. In the course of account activation:

  • Faculty, employee, and sponsored accounts must configure Duo.
  • Students have the option to finish or temporarily bypass Duo setup. Visit Add or Update Devices for 2-Step Login (Duo) for more information about completing setup at a later time.
  • Candidates will not view this phase.

Step 4: View your computing ID

  • Note your UVA ID for calculating.
    • A UVA computer ID is a username assigned to all students, faculty, and staff accounts, as well as sponsored accounts. Utilize your computer ID to log in via NetBadge to UVA systems and services, such as UVA Email, the Student Information System (SIS), Workday, UVACollab, UVABox, and others.
  • Select Next.

Step 5: Set up security questions

If you forget your password, you will be able to reset it by answering the security questions you put up at this time.

  • Create your own personalized security questions. Ensure that the inquiries are of a personal character and that the responses are not widely known. Sample security questions are:
    • What was the mascot of your high school?
    • What was the address and street name of your childhood home?
    • What was the maiden name of your maternal grandmother?
  • Click the Show Answers button to see your response as you type.
  • Retype your response to confirm it.
  • Click Submit. (Once your questions and answers have been input, the Submit button will become active.)

Step 6: Update your personal information

  • Examine the data that appears in the form fields.
  • If alterations are needed:
    • Modify your desired name.
    • Update your non-UVA email address and cell phone number. You may use these in the future to reset your password.
    • Click Submit.
  • If no modifications are necessary, click Skip.

Step 7: Create your uva password

  • View the rules for passwords on the right side of the page.
  • Enter a password that conforms to the password requirements.
  • Click Password Reset.
  • Your account has now been made active.


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