UTSA ASAP: A Complete Guide How to Access UTSA Student ASAP Account

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UTSA ASAP is the student portal that provides access to the majority of your student information and academic records.

ASAP is an abbreviation for the Automated Student Access Program. It is the student portal for University of Texas at San Antonio students.

How to log into your UTSA ASAP account

To log into UTSA ASAP,

  • Navigate to asap.utsa.edu.
  • Provide your myUTSA ID.
  • Provide your Password.
  • To gain access to your myUTSA account, click “Login.”

Log into ASAP to:

  • Sign up for classes
  • Add/drop classes
  • Apply for or accept assistance
  • Order a parking permit
  • Verify registration standing
  • Check the status of admissions applications
  • Apply for a degree
  • DegreeWorks
  • UTSA blackboard

UTSA ASAP login screenshot

How to claim your myUTSA ID

Your myUTSA ID (abc123) serves as your primary UTSA student ID. You’ll need it to log into nearly everything, including UTSA, as soon as possible. To gain access to ASAP, you must first activate your myUTSA ID.

ApplyTexas or Common App, you should have received an activation email from myUTSAaccount@utsa.edu to activate your myUTSA ID after submitting your UTSA admission application.

Your myUTSA ID, which serves as your primary student ID at UTSA, must be activated first.

Once activated, you will use your myUTSA ID and passcode to log into nearly everything, including your “ASAP” (pronounced “a-sap”) student portal.

I didn’t get an activation email

If you did not get your activation email or if you want assistance, please call the One-Stop Enrollment Center at 210-458-8000. After validating your identity, another activation email will be sent to you.

I activated myUTSA ID, but I can’t access UTSA ASAP

If you are unable to access UTSA ASAP, you can reset your login information by clicking the Forgot/Reset Passphrase link on the UTSA ASAP website.

If you are unable to reset your passphrase (because you did not set up contact/reset information), call 210-458-8000 to have the link resent to you.

How to reset your UTSA password

To reset your password or passphrase, visit the UTSA Passphrase Portal.

To modify your passphrase,

  • Access the UTSA Passphrase Portal.
  • Provide your myUTSA ID
  • For the reset code, enter either your phone number or a non-UTSA email address.
  • Click the “Send” button.
  • Examine your phone or the email address you provided for the reset code.
  • Visit the portal again and click the “Enter Reset Code” link.
  • On the new screen, enter your myUTSA ID and the reset code into the corresponding fields to continue the password reset procedure.

Didn’t get the text message?

Possible causes for your failure to get the text message:

  • You may have entered your phone number or email address incorrectly.
  • Additional data did not match the information on file.
  • There was a problem with the processing of your request.

You may request a replacement reset code.

How to check your admission status via asap

UTSA ASAP, the online student portal, allows you to view your admission status at any time. After logging in, visit the “Future Roadrunner” tab to view your various statuses.

  • Claim your myUTSA ID
  • Check your Admission Status and Application Items Still Required
  • Check your Rousing Readiness Status (for Admitted Students)
  • Examine Your Academic Status (for Admitted Students).

Once your application has been submitted, you can view its status online, such as “incomplete item outstanding” or “decision made.”

If your application status is “incomplete,” you will be able to see what extra materials, such as test scores or application payments, are required to complete your admissions files. If a decision has been reached about your application for admission, a new label titled “decision” will appear on the application summary.

  • Quickly log in to UTSA
  • Choose the “Future Roadrunner” option from the primary menu.
  • Click the “Check Admission Status” link.
  • Select your “Admission Term” (e.g., Fall 2021) to view your application details.
  • Scroll down the page until “Application Status” is shown.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page until you find “Requirements” if “Application Status = Incomplete items outstanding.” Any requirement without a date mentioned in the “Received” column must be supplied for your application to be complete. Learn about how to submit documents.
    If you must also pay the application cost, the button “Make Payment Now” will be presented.
  • If “Application Status = Decision Made,” the “Decision:” row will reflect the admission decision, such as pending committee review, admitted, refused, etc.


How Do I Login to UTSA ASAP?

To immediately log in, enter your myUTSA ID and password. Access to Blackboard, the Air Rowdy wireless network, Student Computing Lab computers, Library computers, myUTSA mail, and myUTSA Apps requires your myUTSA ID.

How can I withdraw from all my classes in ASAP?

Using ASAP, a UTSA student cannot withdraw completely from the university. A withdrawal form may be used to request a complete withdrawal from UTSA. Submit this form in person at the front desk of the Enrollment Services Center or the Registrar’s office.

Can I request my transcript using ASAP?

No. On a first-come, first-served basis, transcripts may be requested in person at the Enrollment Services Centers on the Main and Downtown campuses. Follow the link for details on buying transcripts. http://www.utsa.edu/registrar/transcripts/

How do I know if ASAP is down?

Under Alerts/Announcements on the ASAP homepage’s upper-right corner, notices are displayed if UTSA ASAP is offline.

How to Change/Reset Your myUTSA Password?

  • Visit the webpage for Passphrase Portal.
  • Choose the Help option.
  • Click How do I reset my passphrase? within the section Resetting your Passphrase.
  • Follow the provided steps.

Don’t Know/Forgot Your myUTSA Password?

  • Visit the webpage for the Passphrase Portal.
  • Choose the Help option.
  • Click I have forgotten my myUTSA password. What do I do? within the Passwords / Passphrases area.
  • Follow the provided steps.

What is UTSA ASAP One Stop?

One Stop is the primary admissions resource for Roadrunners and may assist you with a range of enrollment-related matters, such as monitoring your application status or resetting your myUTSA ID password.

One-Stop can help with all aspects of registration. Find the assistance you require for issues regarding class registration, degree planning, waitlisting, student records, scholarship opportunities, and other topics.

How to contact one stop at UTSA

One Stop is open from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Their counselors are accessible to assist you and can be reached in any way that is convenient for you… Whether in person, online, or by telephone.

Call: 2104588000 or 18006690919 toll-free
Email: onestop@utsa.edu
Chat: Live Chat.
Book An Appointment.


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