uscis case processing time 2022

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uscis case processing time Information| uscis case status


We display case processing time for chosen forms and locations to inform you of how long it typically takes to process requests for benefits and when you can contact us with questions regarding your case. We update our website weekly with the most recent case processing time data.

This website includes instructions on uscis case processing time 2022 Information :

  • Discover the information required to utilize the processing times webpage;
  • Examine and analyze the processing times listed on the website;
  • Learn how to utilize the case investigation tool.

Finding Your uscis case processing time Details

To use the Case Processing Time page and case enquiry tools, you will need to provide particular information about your case. Below is an example of where precise information can be located in USCIS letters. This information is also found on USCIS receipt notices, and a copy of your application, petition, or request may contain some of this information. In addition, we provide direction for identifying your form type (also referred to as case type) and the applicable form category.

uscis processing times 2022

uscis case processing time 2022

If the “USCIS Office” is the National Benefits Center (NBC) and you have submitted an employment- or family-based Form I485, Form N400, or Form N600, you should check the processing timelines for your local field office. Use our Field Office Locator if you need assistance identifying your nearest office (scroll to the bottom of the page). If your case is transferred to a different office, you should refer to that office’s processing times.

What Does the uscis case processing time Mean and How Is It Calculated?

The processing time listed on the USCIS website is the amount of time it took us to finish eighty percent of adjudicated cases during the previous six months. Processing time is the number of days (or months) between the date USCIS received an application, petition, or request and the date USCIS finished the application, petition, or request (that is, accepted or denied it) within a six-month period.

For instance, if we received a Form N400 on January 24, 2022, and adjudication was completed on March 5, 2022, then the processing period for this particular application is 41 days. This calculation is performed for each Form N400 we submitted in March 2022 and the five preceding months (a six-month period).

Then, we examine the processing timelines for adjudicated cases to determine how long it took to finish 80 percent of those cases within the prior six months. Consequently, if we processed 1,000 Form N400 applications in the preceding six months and 80 percent (or 800) of them were finished within 60 days (or two months), the processing times webpage will list two months as the processing time for Form N400 in May 2022.

Generally, processing times indicate the length of time required to complete applications, petitions, or requests. The time it takes USCIS to process an application, petition, or request depends on a number of factors, including the number of applications, petitions, or requests we receive, workload and staffing allocations, the time it takes a benefit requestor to respond to a request for more information, and policy and operational changes, among others.

The majority of forms displayed on the processing time page employ this strategy. Nonetheless, some types employ an older mechanism known as “cycle time.” 1 The cycle time indicates the number of months’ worth of pending cases for a certain form.

For instance, if an office had 500 waiting Form I800 applications in April 2020 and received 200 in February 2020 and 300 in March 2020, the cycle time for Form I800 in April 2020 was two months (200 + 300 = 500 outstanding applications).

Internally, USCIS employs the cycle time metric to measure our success in lowering our case backlog.

1. The following forms still use cycle time methodology: Form I‑129, Form I‑129CW, Form I‑129F, Form I‑130, Form I‑212, Form I‑360, Form I‑600, Form I‑600A, Form I‑601, Form I‑730, Form I‑800, Form I‑800A, Form I‑821, and Form N‑565.

When and How Can I Ask a Question About the uscis case status?

The uscis case processing time are offered as a benchmark for how long it typically takes us to complete the majority of cases. We permit questions for cases that are taking longer than the time it took USCIS to complete 93 percent of adjudications. This enables us to better manage our limited resources by letting our personnel to concentrate on adjudicating cases rather than responding to inquiries.

These cases are considered to exceed typical processing times. For forms that continue to employ the cycle time method, we define situations that exceed normal processing times as those that take longer than 130% of the cycle time. 2

You must visit the uscis case processing time webpage, where we give a tool to assist you in determining if you are eligible to obtain an update on your case. Using the tool, you enter the date on your receipt notification, which may be located in the text box. You will be given a link to make an inquiry if your case has beyond standard processing periods (beyond the time required to finish 93 percent of adjudicated cases or beyond 130 percent of the cycle time).

If your case falls within regular processing timelines, you will be given an anticipated date by which you can expect to hear from us. Please revisit this page often as processing timelines are subject to change.

2. We use 130% of the cycle time because it is close to the time to complete 93% of adjudicated cases – though this can vary by form type and office. Because cycle time use a different methodology, they do not correspond directly to the processing times produced with our current methodology.

How Is the case processing time Inquiry Date Calculated?

This is how we calculate the case inquiry date:

Case Inquiry Date = [time to complete 93% of adjudicated cases] – [today’s date – receipt date]


If you checked our uscis case processing time  on Jan. 1, 2022, for a form you filed on Jan. 1, 2021, and the time to complete 93% of adjudicated cases was 13 months, your case inquiry date would be calculated as:

Case Inquiry Date = [13 months] – [Jan. 1, 2022 – Jan. 1, 2021]

= [13 months] – [12 months]

= one month

In this example, we estimate that you would be able to contact us in one month. The tool will provide the exact date for you. If the calculation for the case inquiry date produces a negative number, you will be able to submit a question about your case.

uscis case processing time Information| uscis case status

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