UMKC Pathway: Complete Simple Guide to Access UMKC Portal 2022-2023

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UMKC Pathway: Complete Simple Guide to Access UMKC Portal

UMKC Pathway: Complete Simple Guide to Access UMKC Portal 2022-2023

Students at the University of Missouri-Kansas City primarily utilize UMKC Pathway to register for classes, monitor grades, and change contact information, among other activities.

This tutorial will assist you with logging onto the umkc student portal, adding and dropping classes, changing your password, and activating your account if you are a first-time user.

How to log into umkc pathway

To log into umkc pathway,

  • Navigate to
  • Provide your username.
  • Provide your password.
  • To sign in, tap the “Sign in” button.
umkc pathway.

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Your UMKC username is the portion of your UMKC email address that comes before the @ symbol. Remember that you must use your official username (such to “abc123”) and not an alias when logging in.

Accessing UMKC Pathway will require your account and password. You must utilize the same credentials to access your UMKC email, Canvas, and campus computers.

Your student ID number is an eight-digit number provided to you to ensure the security of your personal information. You will use it while contacting any UMKC office.

After being accepted to UMKC, you may locate your student ID number on Pathway. If you have not yet created a username and password, you must first visit Information Services.

Providing e-consent

When you first log in to UMKC Pathway, you must agree to conduct business with the university online. If you choose not to offer your consent, you will be required to conduct all business with UMKC in person during regular business hours at the Administrative Center.

After deciding whether or not to provide consent, you will be redirected to the sign-in page and you will be required to log in again to access your information. Complete the E-consent Withdrawal Form and submit it to Registration and Records if you give your consent and later decide to remove it.

How to activate your umkc account

  • Click the Activate New User button.
  • Enter your UMKC Username and click the submit button.
  • Choose between email or phone to receive an authentication code.
  • Enter the received code.
  • Commence the process of New User Registration.
  • Provide your chosen phone number(s) and external email address.
  • Answer 5 security questions and 1 optional verification question, then click Save.
  • Enter your UMKC Username to initiate the password reset process.
  • Select the option to receive the authentication code, and then input the received code.
  • Enter a new password and then click the submit button.
  • When you are sent to the Secure Authentication Toolkit webpage, the process is complete.

How to reset your umkc password

If you have forgotten your password or it has expired, please read the following instructions.

  • Enter your login at the University. Select “Submit”
  • You are prompted to select a passcode delivery method.
  • Choose your preferred delivery method and wait to receive the passcode.
  • Your web browser will urge you to enter the passcode. Enter the passcode and click the submit button.
  • On the password setup screen, your USERID is displayed for verification.
  • Enter a new password while adhering to the password constraints. Select “Submit”
  • Once completed, the following message will be displayed in your browser window: The password has been updated successfully.
  • You will be notified through email that your password has been changed.

How to select classes and courses

Consult with an Academic Advisor, the Catalog, Plan My Degree, or Major Maps to identify the required courses for your chosen major.

  • Choose the course sections (also known as classes) you wish to enroll in for the forthcoming semester:
    • Connect to the UMKC Pathway
    • Choose Self Service
    • Choose Class Search/Explore Catalog
    • Choose the desired phrase from the drop-down menu.
    • Select the “Class Search” option.
    • Conduct a search for the desired course to determine if and when it is offered (see Schedule of Classes for more information if you need assistance)
    • Class registration requires the 5-digit “class number” assigned to each segment. It is displayed alongside “Section” on the class schedule.
    • Example: Section: 0001-LEC (10007). The five-digit number in parentheses (10007) is the “class number” that must be used when registering for this course segment.

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How do I add a class umkc pathway?

To add classes to UMKC Pathway beyond the first week of the term, you must receive both the instructor’s signature and your advisor’s signature.

  • Connect to the Kansas city Pathway
  • Choose Self-Service.
  • Select Student Center.
  • Choose Add a Class.
  • If you already know the class number, you can put it in the Class Number box.
  • When you locate the desired class, click the yellow Select button. Check the Enrollment Requirements and Class Notes on the following page to ensure you want this course segment. Select the Next button in yellow.
  • This adds the class to your registration shopping cart. Adding classes to your enrollment shopping cart does not guarantee a place in the class until you complete enrollment.
    • If you later decide not to enroll in a class, you must remove it from your shopping cart to prevent automatic enrollment.
    • If a class is full with a waitlist, you can add yourself to the list by attempting to enroll. If there is space available on the waiting list, your name will be added.
  • Once you have added all of the desired classes to your enrollment shopping cart, proceed to Step 2 of 3.
  • You must now examine and accept the Financial Responsibility Statement.
  • Select Finish Enrollment after a last review of your classes.
  • You will receive a green tick for each successfully inserted class. If you have not yet reached the green checkmark, you are not currently enrolled in the class.
    • A red X will appear if a class is full or if you do not meet the prerequisites. You might have to choose a different class.

Dropping classes in umkc pathway

You may discontinue classes from UMKC Pathway until the withdrawal deadline specified in the academic calendar.

  • First and foremost, study the laws and regulations for dropping classes to ensure there are no complications:
    • Withdrawing from classes does not remove you from your financial responsibilities to the university.
    • No one (including professors and advisors) can withdraw on your behalf.
    • Examine the withdrawal deadlines in the academic calendar at UMKC.
    • The withdrawal deadlines for undergraduate and graduate students are distinct and carefully enforced.
    • Before withdrawing, if you need guidance or have questions, contact your academic advisor.
    • When a student is unable to appear in person due to being out of town, unwell, or injured, or if the Registration and Records Office is closed or Pathway is down and they want a refund, they can withdraw by mail. The postmark on the envelope serves as the date of the refund.
    • Contact the Registration and Records Office at 816-235-1125 if you have any problems or inquiries about dropping a course.
  • Log on to UMKC Pathway
  • Select Self Service
  • Select Student Center
  • Select Follow the steps to Drop a Class.
    • Ensure you receive a green tick to signify a successful drop. If you do not receive a green checkmark after completing the form, you have not dropped the course.
    • Always verify your drop/withdrawal by printing or obtaining a copy of your class schedule from UMKC Pathway or the Registration and Records Office.

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