umich Wolverine login portal Access (Umich weblogin) 2022

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umich Wolverine login portal Access (Umich weblogin) 2022

umich Wolverine login portal Access (Umich weblogin) 2022

What is Wolverine access?

Wolverine Access is a U-M website that can be utilized by prospective students to monitor financial aid information and residency appeals. It is also used by existing students to register for classes, examine financial aid, and order transcripts.

Current and prospective University of Michigan students can use umich Wolverine Access to access password-protected personal university information, including financial assistance paperwork, notices, and student account statements.

The new Wolverine Access allows you to link to all the university resources you need as a member of the University of Michigan community.


Wolverine Access places all university resources and systems within easy reach. Here you will discover all of the same links as the “Classic” version, as well as numerous additional academic resources and systems.

How to log into umich wolverine access

umich wolverine screenshot

  • Please visit
  • On the tab for students, click “Student Business.”
  • Enter your uniqname.
  • Enter your password for UMICH.
  • To gain access to your personal data and records, click the login button.

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How to log in as a new & prospective student

  • Go to Wolverine Access,
  • On the student’s tab, click on “New & Prospective Student Center“,

Logging in on the authentication screen requires a Friend (or visitor) Account ID or a U-M uniqname. On the authentication page, select “Create one now” to generate a Friend Account ID. Select “Others” on the following page and follow the instructions to create your Friend Account.

You must present your University of Michigan (U-M) identification card, which was included in your admissions packet. Enter your U-M ID and birth date the first time you use your Friend Account ID to log in.

Then logout and log back in. Information regarding the Friend Account can be found on the U-M Information Technology website.

When you initially log in, you may be prompted to connect to Canvas Umich. If you are connected to Canvas, the active Canvas courses will be displayed on your homepage. This is optional, and you may connect or disconnect the Canvas infrastructure at any time in the future.

The majority of people find that using the search box is the quickest and easiest method for locating the desired content.

Additionally, you can use the yellow menu at the top of the screen to access your “Classic” Wolverine Access connections, such as Student Business, Faculty Business, Employee Self Service, etc. Don’t forget to star the ones you use most frequently!

How to change your Umich weblogin access user role

Wolverine Access provides links and sections based on your MCommunity role when you check in. If you are a student employee, for instance, you will see both the “Student” and “Staff” buttons. Users with friend accounts do not have a role assigned to them at this time.

You can select a different role from the Roles drop-down menu if you are not logged in or if you wish to modify which role(s) are displayed. Close the Roles drop-down for the modifications to take effect.

How to change your umich Wolverine password

If you have configured account recovery information, you can receive a code that you can use to reset your password.

Use the instructions below to reset your forgotten password

  • Visit Account Management at UMICH (for forgotten passwords).
  • Enter your uniqname on the Verify Identity screen and click Submit.
  • Provide either your date of birth or UMID number, then click the Submit button.
  • You will see the account recovery information you gave in the past on the Get a Code page. It will be partially concealed for your protection. If you submitted both a cell phone number and an email address, you must select one of the two to receive the password reset code. Select or confirm the email address where the password reset code should be sent, then click Submit.
  • A code for account recovery will be emailed to the phone number or email address you provided for account recovery.
  • Enter the code on the Verify Code screen and click Submit. Codes for account recovery expire one hour after being sent. You can obtain a new code by starting anew on the UMICH Account Management Forgotten Password page. No Code? Check your email’s garbage or spam folders if you haven’t gotten a code within an hour and it was sent to a non-UMICH email address. If the code is missing, contact the ITS Service Center at 734-764-HELP (4357) to reset your password. You will be redirected to UMICH Account Management’s Change Password page, where you can set a new password.
  • You cannot set your new password to the same value as your old one. You will be required to provide a new password if you attempt to change a forgotten password to your existing (lost) password.

If you have a Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password and are using a computer connected to a Michigan Medicine network, you can reset your UMICH (Level-1) password on your Michigan Medicine Profile Page.

How to set up umich Wolverine Access friend account

The most common purpose of Friend accounts is to allow parents or others to pay student bills; the student must authorize access prior to the account user logging in.

In order to create a Friend account, you will need an email address that does not end in “” As part of the account creation setup, you will receive an email at this address; this is done to verify that you own the email address.

  • Visit the Request a Friend Account page.
  • Enter your email address outside of the university, then click Request.
  • You will see a Message Sent screen informing you that an email containing further instructions has been sent to the email address you supplied.
  • Check your inbox for an email from If the message is missing, check your spam or junk mail folder.
  • Click the Create Friend Account link on the message.
  • When you click the link, you will be redirected to the Create a Friend Account webpage.
    • Enter the same email address you provided in Step 2 above.
    • Enter and then reenter the password for your Friend account.
    • Click Password Setup.
  • A confirmation page confirms the creation of your Friend account.
  • Additionally, you will receive an email message confirming the setup of your Friend account and providing details about it. If the message is missing, check your spam or junk mail folder.

How do I access my Umich email?

Use as the link. Click Sign in. To reach the U-M Weblogin, enter your email address and click Next. Enter your uniqname and password for UMICH.


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