UF Qualtrics: Full Login guide to Get Started 2023

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UF Qualtrics: Full guide to Get Started 2022

UF Qualtrics: Full Login guide to Get Started 2023

UF Qualtrics is a cloud-based survey tool that the University of Florida supports. It is used for survey research, evaluations, and other data collection tasks.

Qualtrics is a strong, high-tech service for making and sending out online surveys.

With more than 100 different types of questions and the ability to make interactive questions and use rich media to keep people interested, response rates can be raised.

You can take questions from surveys that were made by professionals, and you can also make your own library of questions, surveys, messages, and media.

How to log into UF qualtrics

To log in,

  • Navigate to ufl.qualtrics.com.
  • Type in your username for GatorLink.
  • Next, type in your password.
  • To get to UF qualtrics, click the “LOGIN” button.
UF Qualtrics login page screenshot

UF Qualtrics login page screenshot

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to make, send, collect, and analyze online surveys to help with your teaching, research, and studies, as long as you follow survey research codes and ethics.

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Through UF Qualtrics, you can collect data in a limited way. Some data types don’t require a risk assessment.

Visit the UF Data Guide to find out if your data type needs to be looked at.

You can get help with Qualtrics training through the UFIT Qualtrics Training page.

Tutorials or documentation on Qualtrics

On their Academic Support Page and in their 24/7 Support Center, Qualtrics has a large number of video tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions. Their help page also has a link to the Qualtrics Community, where people can answer your questions. The UF College of Veterinary Medicine has also made a sample survey that you can look at and fill out.

Email for each survey

The limit is set to 10,000 surveys by default. If you have a use case in which you need more surveys, your instructor or advisor will need to know why. For more information, call UF e-Learning Support at 352-392-4357 and press “3,” or use the “Message Us” link on the e-Learning website.

How do I move a Qualtrics account I already have?

Contact e-Learning Support at 352-392-4357, option 3, or use the “Message Us” link on the e-Learning website for help moving an existing Qualtrics account or any other UF Qualtrics support.

How do I transfer a SurveyMonkey survey to Qualtrics?

Unfortunately, SurveyMonkey cannot export a survey; consequently, the questions from SurveyMonkey must be copied and pasted into UF Qualtrics. Qualtrics does support the export and import capabilities.


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