UF One Drive: Simple Guide on Setting Up & Access One Drive on your Computer

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UF One Drive: Simple Guide on Setting Up

UF One Drive is a cloud-based file storage and sharing service for University of Florida students, instructors, and staff that enables cooperation with non-UF users.

OneDrive provides a secure cloud-based file storage service. UF students, teachers, and staff have access to it through the UF Microsoft Campus Agreement and the UFIT GatorCloud cloud.it.ufl.edu.

OneDrive can be viewed as the progression of conventional file server storage. The OneDrive application synchronizes GatorCloud-stored files with your computer and mobile devices.

GatorCloud is where cloud-based services for the University of Florida community are hosted.

Among the advantages of using OneDrive are:

  • Enables secure access to your business documents from any location without a University of Florida VPN connection.
  • Multiple users can simultaneously edit the same file in a collaborative manner.
  • Permits you to view your work files from any device using the OneDrive app and your gatorlink@ufl.edu credentials.
  • Complete connectivity with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams applications.

How to configure the UF One Drive application on a Windows PC

The initial step is to configure the OneDrive app. This allows you to synchronize files across GatorCloud Microsoft OneDrive and office 365 and your computer and mobile devices.

  • To launch OneDrive, click the Windows icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen, then type OneDrive.
  • In the OneDrive configuration, enter the email address gatorlink@ufl.edu.
  • Select “Work or school.”
  • Enter your username and password for GatorLink on the Shibboleth authentication page.
  • Take note of the details regarding your OneDrive folder, and click Next on the subsequent windows.
  • Note details regarding the mobile application. If you do not already have it on your mobile device, you may wish to download it now. While away from your computer, the mobile app enables a great deal of productivity.
  • Select the Open my OneDrive folder option.
  • Now, in File Explorer, the OneDrive – University of Florida folder is visible.
  • You may now build subfolders and copy files directly into the OneDrive folder. The files will then sync to the cloud-based OneDrive and be accessible across all of your devices and through a web browser.

Accessing UF One Drive using GatorCloud

  • Click on OneDrive within the Office 365 area of cloud.it.ufl.edu.
  • Choose your account at gatorlink@ufl.edu.
  • Enter your username for GatorLink
  • Enter your password in the Shibboleth password field.
  • Select Sign In.
  • Your UF One Drive is accessible via the GatorCloud web interface.

How to save files to the uf one drive

To store documents in UF One Drive,

  • Select File > Save a Copy > Personal OneDrive.
  • Select Enter file name here and type the desired name.
  • To save to a different folder, select Browse and then pick the desired folder.
  • Choose Save.
  • The next time you launch Office, your file will appear in the Recent list.

How to upload files or folders to UF OneDrive

Over 300 file types can be stored on UF OneDrive. When using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, you can:

  • Select Upload > Files or Upload > Folder from the menu bar.
  • Select the files or folders to be uploaded.
  • Choose Open or Choose Folder.

With different web browsers:

  • Select Upload, then select the files to upload, followed by Open.
  • If you do not see Upload > Folder, you must first create a folder before uploading files to it.

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