UF Canvas: A Helpful Guide to UF eLearning Portal 2022 UPDATED

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UF Canvas, often known as the UF eLearning system, is an easy, open, cloud-based learning management system designed for University of Florida students.

Canvas allows users to create and manage profiles, monitor their current courses on the dashboard, import content from a prior semester’s Canvas course, submit peer-review assignments, and do a number of other tasks.

Canvas UF assists students in locating course content as well as links to video lectures, quizzes, conversations, and grades. You can join a meeting through both ufl.zoom.us and your Canvas e-Learning course.

UF Canvas steps

To access the eLearning platform UF Canvas,

  • To directly access the UFeLearning login page, visit login.ufl.edu.
  • This prompts you to enter your username and password to log in.
  • Enter your username for GatorLink.
  • Provide your password.
  • After logging onto Canvas, you will be directed to your “User Dashboard,” where you can access your courses and/or project sites.
  • You will find them listed at the top of the screen under “Courses & Groups.”
UF Canvas login page screenshot.

UF Canvas login page screenshot.

Why isn’t my course included in UF eLearning?

There could be several reasons why your course is not listed in e-Learning.

  • Have you investigated the “All Courses” part of UF’s e-Learning? You may get there by selecting “Course” from the menu on the left and then selecting “All Courses.”
  • Your Instructor has not yet made it available. When the Instructor is ready, the course is published.
  • If there is an issue with your Registration, please contact us. If you have outstanding difficulties, such as money, immunization certificates, etc., the Registrar will drop you from your classes.
  • It is also conceivable that your course does not include an online component. At the University of Florida, not all courses utilize e-Learning.
  • To change your password, visit account.it.ufl.edu, click “Change Your Password,” and then log in with your current GatorLink login and password.

How to log into UF Zoom

UF Zoom is an easy-to-use video conferencing tool that is accessible to all UF students, teachers, and staff and permits meetings with up to 300 people. Zoom is also accessible for professors to utilize inside UF Canvas.

To join zoom;

  1. Go to ufl.zoom.us
  2. Click “Login” to access your Zoom profile, or;
  3. To launch Zoom, click “Host a Meeting” or “Join a Meeting.”
  4. You can manually download the web browser client by visiting ufl.zoom.us/download. For first-time users, the web browser client downloads immediately when you start or join your first Zoom meeting, and is also available at ufl.zoom.us/download.

Student benefits of UF canvas instructure

  • Access courses at any time and from anywhere.
  • UF Canvas learning facilitates student convenience.
  • A proactive strategy for group work, document sharing, and hosting discussions within the LMS.
  • Access to Classes and Grade Reporting
  • Modern schooling system
  • The calendar facilitates organization by displaying assignments and due dates for all active courses.
  • The ability of students to utilize UF Canvas on a smartphone or tablet was a huge advantage.
  • View notification badges based on course and school-wide developments.

Access UF Canvas from your mobile device

Canvas is based on open web standards and requires minimal instances of Flash, allowing mobile devices to support the majority of its functionality.

To gain mobile access to UF canvas infrastructure

  • Download the Citrix Receiver from the app store on your device (Apple Store, Google Play).
  • Depending on the device type, launch the Citrix Receiver and select “Set up my enterprise apps” or “Add Account.”
  • Fill out the username and password fields using your Gatorlink credentials.
    If a domain is required, enter “UFAD.”
  • Now you may access the canvas dashboard with all futures.

How to view your grades

The Grades page in a course provides all current course assignment grades. Additionally, you can view grading information, comments, and rubrics. You can also filter grades by grading period if your instructor uses numerous grading periods.

If you have completed courses and have access to their materials, you can examine their grades in any active course. Additionally, you can examine completed course grades from the Global Navigation Menu.


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