UCSD Podcast Access 2022-2023

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UCSD Podcast Access 2022-2023

UCSD Podcast Access 2022-2023

As a UC San Diego student, one of the nicest aspects of college life is listening to lectures via the UCSD Podcast and engaging in engaging dialogues with engaging individuals about engaging concepts.

The Current Podcast is the IT Services of UC San Diego’s official podcast. You can also subscribe to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Podbean, Google Podcast, and Podbean!

The podcasting service at UCSD was created for educational purposes to help students. At the conclusion of each quarter, podcasts are taken offline (10 weeks Fall-Spring and 5 weeks in the summer).

How to access UCSD Canvas and the academic calendar are available.

If you appreciate a podcast, you should subscribe and download the lectures. After a podcast has been removed from the Internet, faculty members rarely accept their reinstatement.

How to listen to ucsd podcast

To access UCSD lecture podcasts;

  • Visit Podcast.ucsd.edu.
  • Choose a category or use the search bar to locate a podcast.
  • The most recent accessible lecture recording will begin playing immediately.
  • You can right-click Download to save the file to your computer, where it can be accessed and played with any media player.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a collection of audio files that can be downloaded to a computer, mobile device, or other media player for later use. By subscribing to a podcast player app, you can even have new lectures downloaded as soon as they are published.

With podcasts, you may select the content and format that best matches your lesson, and the options are limitless: fictitious stories, instructive and motivational TED lectures, current events/world news, history, sports, pop culture/entertainment, and investigative journalism.

Schools, universities, and colleges can readily use podcasts to engage students and improve their teaching and learning practices.

The UCSD Podcast is offered at no cost to teachers and students.

How are podcasts used in schools?

Podcasting allows professors to effortlessly distribute engaging audio content that students can then listen to at their convenience.

If you need assistance with UCSD podcasts or listening, please contact the following individuals:

  • Phone: (858) 822-3315
  • Email: podcast@ucsd.edu


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