UCF Knights Email: UCF Email Access 2022

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UCF Knights Emaill is the primary email service for all students at UCF. Microsoft hosts and powers the email system with Office 365, while UCF retains control over the accounts. All official university correspondence is sent via Knights Email.

The knights’ email system is a customized version of Microsoft Outlook Live designed for UCF students. It offers free hosted communication and collaboration services to UCF students.

How to log into your knights email account

To access your UCF email account,

UCF Knights Email

UCF Knights Email

  • Please visit knightsemail.ucf.edu.
  • Click Login to Your Knights Account.
  • Enter your email address and password to log in.
  • If you cannot recall your password, you will be required to reset it.

How to create your UCF knights email account

When you sign up for Knights Email, it will function as your email account for the University of Central Florida. Your Network Identification (NID) username will not be fully active until the first day of class if you are a new student who has never attended a class at UCF. Please follow the instructions below to create your Knights email address without using your NID.

You will be able to create a UCF Knights Email account once you have been properly admitted as a UCF student.

If you are a retired faculty member with an active NID, you can create an account by clicking the icon.

We are aiming to deliver this service to all alumni as soon as possible.

Account creation

To establish your account,

  • Sign in to myUCF and click the Knights email link. Once the page has loaded, click “Create Account” to create a new email address for the Knights.
  • Select Knights Email on the myUCF menu.
  • When the Knights Email page (www.knightsemail.ucf.edu) loads, click Create Account.
  • Enter the preferred name for your UCF Knights Email account. This will be your official UCF email account, which you will use to contact with your lecturers, so select a suitable username.
  • Choose an alternate email address from the dropdown menu.
  • Two confirmation emails will be sent to the alternate email address you supplied following the submission of your account creation request. The first will have your Knights username, while the second will contain your temporary Knights Email password.
  • The Email Confirmation will be issued after your account is created, and the Password Confirmation will be sent when your account is ready to be accessed.

How to reset your UCF Knights Email password

To reset your Email password, please follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to your myUCF account using your NID and NID password at my.ucf.edu.
  • Click on Student Self Service, then Personal Information, then Email Addresses, and ensure that the Personal line contains a non-UCF and non-Knights email address. If not, enter your personal email address and click Save.
  • Next, select “Knights Email” in the column on the left. This link will lead you to the knightsemail.ucf.edu page when you click it.
  • Click “Change Password”
  • Choose the email address where the password shall be sent (this should be the personal email address on file in myUCF).
  • Sign in to outlook.com/knights.ucf.edu using the new password supplied to your personal email address.
  • After logging in, you will be required to choose a new password.
  • Please note that the “Current Password” is the password that was emailed to you.

If you continue to experience issues, please call the UCF Service Desk at (407) 823-5117 and a specialist will gladly assist you.



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