UAccess: University of Arizona Portal Access | Helpful Guide

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UAccess: University of Arizona Portal Access  | Helpful Guide

UAccess is a password-protected service that enables students of the University of Arizona to access personal and academic information as well as conduct university business online. Login requires both a UA NetID and a password.

Students can access and modify their academic and personal information via UAccess.

How to log into UAccess

UAccess: University of Arizona Portal Access

UAccess Login portal screenshot

  • Navigate to
  • Under the Student tab, select Student Center.
  • Provide your NetID.
  • Enter your password then.
  • Select Sign In to gain access to your account.

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How to unlock your UAccess account

  • Navigate to
  • Choose the correct portal
  • Select the NavBar by clicking it.
  • Select People Tools
  • Select Security
  • Select UA User Profiles.
  • Input the NetID of the user in the “Search by:” area.
  • Uncheck the box next to “Account Locked Out” and click Save if the account is locked.
  • You are now authorized to unlock the account.
  • Do not tick or uncheck the box labeled Change Password.
  • Do not select or deselect the Expired Password option.
  • Why? Because these fields are not appropriately identified, and because they are included into automated processes. You do not have authorization, training, or any other justification to modify the Change Password or Expired Password fields.

TIP: Add the UA User Profiles page to your homepage to facilitate navigation there. Simply click “Add to Homepage” from the Actions List in the upper right-hand corner.

How to set up a UAccess guess account

You are strongly advised to create a Guest Center account for your parents or other individuals who may desire or require access to your Student Center account. Creating a Guest Center account allows you to avoid sharing your UA NetID password with others. Sharing your password is against university policy because it poses a security risk.

To set up a Guest Center account:

  • Visit, choose Student Center in the Students column, then enter your UA NetID and password to log in.
  • Click on Guest Manager in the UA Guest Center box in the right column (at the bottom).
  • To create a new Guest account, click the Add New Guest button. You will also return to this page in the future to edit existing Guest accounts.
  • Enter details about your Guest: Create a login username for them and collect their email address and name.
  • After creating their account, click Active to activate it.
  • In the Guest Access Control area, select the information to which you wish to provide this Guest access:
    • Academic Info (View Class Schedule, Grades, Transfer Credits, Program Tree)
    • Personal Details (View All Addresses, Emergency Contacts)
    • Financial Info (View To-Do List, Award Summary including Award Letter, Make Payment, and Parent Plus Loan).
  • Choose the Save option.
  • To activate the account on the Confirm Activation page, click the OK button. (Click Cancel if you are not ready to activate this Guest; the information on the previous page will be saved for you to activate later.)

Once the account is activated, an email including the username and password will be sent to your Guest. Your Guest can visit, click on Guest Center under the Students column, and log in using the specified login and password. They will only be able to view and perform the actions specified under Guest Access Control.

How to unlock a UAccess student guest center account

Unlocking a Guest Center account is identical to unlocking a Student Center account; however, to locate the Guest Center User ID, the student or parent’s name must be searched. Listed below are detailed instructions.

  • Select the Administrative Staff portal by navigating to
  • Click on “Advanced Search” from the UA User Profiles Page.
  • If the parent’s last name differs from the student’s, look for the parent’s last name.
  • In most circumstances, the Guest Center user is the student’s parent.
  • The Guest ID Card Is a string of alphanumeric characters that begins with “G-.”
  • Return to the United Airlines User Profiles and paste the Guest Center ID into the search area.
  • This will open the account profile, where you can uncheck the “Account Locked Out?” box.
  • Select Save.


Your UA NetID is your personal identify for the University of Arizona’s online services. Among the services that require a NetID are:

  • Email and computer accounts at UITS (CatMail, UAConnect, HPC)
  • Applications based on the UAccess protocol (Student, Employee, Analytics, etc.)
  • D2L is a web-based learning management system utilized in more than 700 courses on campus.
  • Enrollment of New Employee Resources and Benefits
  • Site-licensed university software
  • OSCR computer labs

Why is a UA NetID required?

Using your UA NetID to access the University of Arizona’s online services proves your identification. It helps protect the privacy of personal information and restricts the usage of resources to the intended recipients.

If you are a student who needs to share information from your UAccess Student account with another person, you must create a Guest Center account for that person and keep your NetID password confidential.

How to create your UA NetID

Creating a UA NetID requires an EMPLID, an email-delivered 8-digit number. The user must contact HR (for staff and faculty) or the Registrar if the EMPLID is unknown (for students). Due to the fact that the EMPLID is a secure identification, the 24/7 IT Support Center will not supply a user with an EMPLID.

In addition to a date of birth and a PIN, a date of birth and a PIN are needed to create a NetID. The PIN for students is printed on their acceptance letter.

  • Choose “Create a UA NetID”
  • Create your UA NetID by following the instructions.

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