Tufts Canvas: TUFTS Learning Management System 2022/2023

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Tufts Canvas: TUFTS Learning Management System 2022

Tufts Canvas: TUFTS Learning Management System 2022/2023

Tufts University uses the Learning Management System Tufts Canvas. It offers a shared environment for course materials, assignments, and grading.

Tufts Online courses and programs also use Canvas as their platform. The majority of teachers, but not all, will post course materials (syllabus, readings, review questions, etc.) on a Canvas course site.

Tufts began a three-year transition to Canvas, a learning management system (LMS) that superseded Trunk and Tufts University Sciences Knowledgebase, in October 2017. (TUSK). Some courses at some Tufts schools (Cummings) use TUSK as an auxiliary learning management system.

By logging in to canvas.tufts.edu with your Tufts Username and a password, you can gain access to Canvas and course-specific information.

How to log into tufts canvas

To use the Canvas learning management system at Tufts University,

  • Please visit login.canvas.tufts.edu.
  • Select Tufts Login.
  • On the login page for Canvas, enter your Tufts username.
  • Enter your Tufts password next.
  • To access your tufts canvas courses, click “Login.”

Tufts SIS (Student Information Systems) is used to make most courses. Course names are generated based on terms, departments, and section numbers. It may be hard to tell the difference between courses with similar names.

Tufts canvas login page screenshot

Tufts canvas login page screenshot

Nicknames for courses show up on the Dashboard, in the Course Navigation Menu, in the course breadcrumbs, and in emails about the course.

A course nickname doesn’t change the name of the course for the account or the course as a whole. It only changes the name of the course for the user who made the nickname.

If you need to know the course’s real name, you can move your mouse over the nickname and see the real name. Also, the course code doesn’t change, and it will always be written on the course card for reference.

To name (Nickname ) your canvas dashboard cards;

  • Go to the Dashboard for your Tufts Canvas account.
  • Click on the icon with three vertical dots that says “Properties” next to the class card you want to rename.
  • This brings up the panel for that class card’s properties.
  • Change the name in the Nickname box and click Apply.

How to organize your tufts canvas dashboard

When you have an account on more than one Canvas course, you can choose which active courses you want to see on your Canvas Dashboard by making a “favorite” list in your Courses / All Courses.

When no courses are marked as favorites, which is the default, the courses list in the Dashboard shows up to 20 courses in alphabetical order.

To make a list of your favorite courses that you want to show up on your Tufts Canvas Dashboard, do the following:

  • Go to Courses and click on All Courses. This shows you a list of all the courses you have an account for.
  • Click on the star icon next to each course you want to see on your Dashboard. When you click on the Star, the star icon will turn red to show that this is a “favorite” that you want to see on your Canvas Dashboard.
  • Go to the “Dashboard” page. Now, only your Favorite courses are shown on the Dashboard.

How to add more email addresses to your tufts account

When you add an extra email address to your Tufts Canvas account, you can use that email address to get notifications from Canvas. Your Tufts email address is used by default to send notifications. You can, however, add another email address if you don’t want to use the one you already have or if you want to use a different one for notifications.

  • Click Account in the top menu bar, then click Settings.
  • Click Add Email Address in the Email Addresses area.
  • In the text field, type the email address you want to add. Click Register Email when you are done.
  • Open your email account you just added.
  • To finish signing up for the second email address, click the link in the email. You might need to look in your spam folder.
  • Click the Re-Send Confirmation link if you need to send the confirmation again.
  • Click the Delete icon to get rid of the email address.
  • Hit the “OK” button.
  • Once you’ve confirmed your additional email address, you can go to Account > Notifications and set your Canvas notifications to send to that email address.



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