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On May 05, 2022, the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania officially announced the start of receiving temporary job applications for clerks and supervisors


Population and Housing Census conducted on August 23, 2022 through the Electronic Application System. The application deadline ended on May 19, 2022 where the number of applicants reached 689,935 out of the 205,000 required in the Population and Makazj Census exercise,
Dear Journalists,

Today we have met here to provide public information on  information circulating online about the list of names of clerks titled ”ORODHA YA MAJINA YA MAOMBI YA KAZI YA MUDA YA SENSA YA WATU NA MAKAZI YALIYOHAKIKIWA NA KUJIBIWA ”

Dear Journalists,

This information is not official for Tanzanians who have applied for clerical and Census Management positions in their areas of residence. Moreover, in a statement similar to this which is also unofficial, these people who have no good intentions for the Government and Tanzanians in general have gone so far as to declare the interview date to be 29 May 2022.

It should be noted that the process of temporary clerks and Census supervisors is still ongoing at the Ward / Shehia level and all Councils. The application analysis process for all applicants is expected to start on 02 June 2022 in each respective Ward or Shehia after the completion of the training of the officers responsible for conducting the interview. The recruitment process for Census Clerks and Supervisors is going well according to the Census schedule.

Dear Journalists,
Please convey this message to all Tanzanians that any information about the process of preparing the Census for Population and Housing. Real Estate Census and Residential Address Census including these temporary jobs will be provided by the Government through the media

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