Syracuse Acceptance Rate, GPA and More 2022-2023

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Syracuse Acceptance Rate, GPA and More [2022]

Syracuse Acceptance Rate

Syracuse Acceptance Rate, GPA and More 2022-2023

The Syracuse Acceptance Rate is 44.4%. In 2021, the school received a record-breaking number of first-year applications, 39,342. This represents a 24 percent rise from the previous year.

Syracuse Architecture acceptance rate

24 percent is the acceptance percentage at Syracuse Architecture. The admissions process is extremely competitive. Students from Syracuse who wish to become architects have an average high school GPA of 3.8 and strong results on standardized tests.

According to DesignIntelligence, the university’s undergraduate program in architecture is ranked fourth in the United States (2019). It is one of the most authoritative sources in Architecture.

Their highly regarded professional BArch program gives students with the information, methodologies, tactics, and cultural understanding necessary to succeed in the global marketplace of today.

You will receive the support of a committed and varied staff, as well as a variety of study abroad possibilities and nationally certified degree programs that will provide you with the technical skills and cultural knowledge necessary to flourish in a highly competitive global market.

The School of Architecture offers a five-year professional degree in a collaborative, project-based setting.

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On the list of the Best Engineering Schools, Syracuse University holds the 79th position (tie). The acceptance rate for the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Syracuse University is 44%.

The acceptance rate for Syracuse’s musical theatre is 44%. It is among the top 10 percent of musical theater in the nation. Syracuse University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in musical theatre focuses on improving your skills and talents to help you discover your uniqueness as a musical theatre actor.

This difficult degree demands study in three performance areas—singing, dance, and acting—as well as liberal arts and theatre history foundations.

Syracuse Law School is a somewhat selective law school that admits 52,1% of candidates. The law school acceptance rate at Syracuse is 52.1%. Syracuse Law School is considerably more costly than other law schools.

Syracuse transfer acceptance rate

The transfer acceptance rate at Syracuse is 51%. Syracuse Institution classifies you as a transfer student if you have a high school diploma or GED and are enrolled in a degree program at another university or college with at least 12 credit hours. If you have completed college courses but have not enrolled in a degree-granting program or have fewer than 12 credits when you apply to Syracuse, you must apply as a freshman. If you’re unsure of your status, please email

Syracuse University will accept up to 66 credit hours from two-year institutions and 90 credit hours from four-year institutions.

How many credits and what grade point average are required for admission?

The admissions process at Syracuse is not based solely on your grade point average. Students may apply for transfer admission regardless of the number of finished college credits.

Students who transfer are evaluated mostly based on their academic performance at the college level. Suppose you have completed fewer than 30 academic college credits. In this case, you must provide an authentic copy of your high school transcript together with your SAT or ACT test scores.

Syracuse acceptance rate history

Year Acceptance Rate
2016 52.3%
2017 46.9%
2018 49.9%
2019 44.4%
2020 44.2%
2021 44.4%
2022 44.0%

Syracuse acceptance rate history

Syracuse University GPA

The majority of applicants to Syracuse have GPAs in the upper tiers of their respective schools. 41 percent have a grade of 3.50 or higher.

The average GPA for Syracuse high school students who began their studies in the fall of 2019 was 3.67. It exceeds the national average of 3.38, according to a 2017 research conducted and published by Inside Higher Ed.

In 2009, the high school’s average GPA was merely 3.0. This has increased dramatically over the past ten years.

Students who seek to maximize their chances of acceptance to schools such as Syracuse may wish to take and pass challenging high school courses in order to improve their grades, especially when colleges consider a weighted GPA.

Indeed offers a variety of tips for boosting GPAs, including as eliminating unnecessary classes, obtaining a tutor, and joining an academic group.

About Syracuse University

Syracuse University is a private research university that conducts interdisciplinary research to advance innovative research and leadership. The institution comprises thirteen colleges and schools with about 200 unique faculty members.

It has a total enrollment of 14,479 students (fall 2020). Syracuse University’s academic calendar is divided into semesters.

The Syracuse admissions procedure is “more selective” according to the Carnegie Classification. There were 39,342 candidates for the 3,350 open freshman spots for the class of 2020. The average SAT score for admitted students was 1271.

In 2018, 26% of new students were people of color. 18% of those individuals were first-generation college students. 75% received some sort of financial aid; 21% qualified for the federal Pell Grant (an indicator of students with low incomes) and 75% received some form of financial aid.

Students came from 48 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Approximately 600 undergraduates from 59 countries were admitted.

General information

School Type Private
Average GPA 3.67
Graduation rate 82%
Acceptance rate 44%
Average annual cost $73K
Average cost after aid $34K


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