Solar Stony Brook: Stony Brook University Login Portal

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Solar Stony Brook: Stony Brook University Login Portal

Solar Stony Brook: Stony Brook University Login Portal

SOLAR Stony Brook is the university-wide, self-service system that allows teachers, staff, and students to manage personal information online.

Students utilize SOLAR to register for classes, print schedules, see and pay bills, update personal contact information, access transcripts, and submit timesheets for student jobs.

How to log into solar stony Brook

You will need your Stony Brook University ID and SOLAR SBU password to access Solar Stony Brook.

Solar Stony Brook: Stony Brook University Login Portal

Solar Stony Brook login screenshot

  • Go to
  • The login page can be accessed by clicking “SOLAR LOGIN.”
  • Enter your Stony Brook University ID number in the User ID field.
  • Enter your SOLAR Password in the field for Password.
  • Choose Sign in
  • To sign out, select Sign out near the upper right corner.
  • Note too that your SOLAR session will expire after twenty minutes of inactivity.

NetID passwords are distinct from SOLAR SBU passwords. Use your initial solar password to check in for the first time to SOLAR Stony Brook. Also notice that password case sensitivity applies.

When prospective students apply to Stony Brook University, they are granted a Stony Brook ID number. When the Office of Admissions receives a full student application, a Stony Brook ID number is mailed and emailed to the applicant. Before contacting the Undergraduate Admissions Office at (631) 632-6868 for further assistance, applicants who do not get this number should verify that they submitted a complete application.

Accepted students receive their Stony Brook identification number in their official admission letter and at orientation. It is also printed on their Stony Brook identification card, which resident students receive when they first sign into their residential hall and commuter students receive at Convocation.

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Mobile access to solar stony brook

Students utilizing a mobile device to access SOLAR will encounter the mobile version of the following SOLAR SBU pages:

  • Messages, Retentions, and To-Dos
  • My Weekly Agenda
  • View My Grades
  • Enrollment Dates
  • My Course Background
  • Account Review/What Am I Owed?
  • Class Lookup
  • Add/Remove/Exchange/Edit Classes

By tapping the “full site” link, you can access features not available on the mobile version.

If you are a student and encounter an issue while using SOLAR Mobile, please submit a request through the IT Service Management portal. Remember that you can always view the site from a desktop, tablet, or laptop computer as a workaround.

Resetting your

solar stony brook


To reset your password for Solar Stoney Brook

  • Click SOLAR Account & Password Help from the SOLAR login screen.
  • You will be required to provide certain personal information kept in your files.
  • A new password will be generated using additional information from your records.
  • Instructions for creating this new password (not the new password itself) will be emailed to your SOLAR-recorded email address.

How to change one’s preferred name

  • Go to in a web browser and click SOLAR LOGIN.
  • Sign into SOLAR using your nine-digit Stony Brook ID and your SOLAR password. Click Sign In
  • Under Security and Personal Data on the SOLAR homepage, click Names (if you don’t see Names, click More and then click Names).
  • Select the edit button located next to Preferred Name.
  • Alter the Prefix, Initial, Middle Name, Surname, and/or Suffix. You may set your favorite name to whatever value you choose. The University reserves the right, however, to exclude a desired name if deemed inappropriate.
  • Click the SAVE button, then click OK on the Confirmation screen.

How to change your SOLAR email address

Be sure to check your email account frequently, as all university notifications are delivered to the Campus email address.

If you have not been assigned a campus address or your account has been disabled (for example, you have graduated and left the university), correspondence will be forwarded to your “Home” address (if one has been entered) or “Other” address automatically. Maintain active email accounts during your time at Stony Brook.

Adding an email address

  • Under Security and Personal Data on the SOLAR sbu homepage, click Email Addresses.
  • Click the tab labeled Email Address.
  • Complete the *Email Type and *Email Address fields, then click Save.
  • Click the Delete button and then the Save button to remove an email address. You are unable to remove the Campus email address.
  • You are able to modify your Home or Other email address.
  • You cannot modify your Campus address at this time.
  • To update your Home or Other email address, select all or a portion of the address, then replace it in the *Email Field and click Save.


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