How to change combination (Kubadili Combination) Form Five 2022

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Selform Kubadili Combination Form Five 2022

TAMISEMI Selform 2021

Form five combination online application system ( Selform System Tamisemi 2022) and selection forms created by The TAMISEMI Regional Administration and Local Government; the system enables Candidates to change Their combination.

Candidates who sat for the 2021 Form Four national exams are offered another opportunity to choose combinations of their choice before the government selects those eligible for Form Five studies.

Therefore, since the year 2018 the Prime Minister’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government (TAMISEMI) has been providing the chance for form four leavers to apply for various colleges and form five posts through the special online system known as SELFORM MIS – THE SELFORM SYSTEM 2022 Selform Kubadili Combination Form Five 2022


The Selform System enables students/applicants to apply for colleges, form five posts, changing their combinations and make changes of their hard copy Selform version submitted by their schools.

The system has been much helpful to form four leavers as they can now apply for government colleges for free and schools by simply login on the system using their form four index numbers and requesting the new passwords. Kubadili Combination Form Five 2022.



The system has been designed facilitate right choices for the students, as the form four 2021 results are out, its expected that students will be applying for colleges, combinations and schools of their choices with reference to their form four results and hence increases the probability of being selected or accepted by the colleges or schools.

How to access, register and login and change combinations, selecting colleges and school choices on Tamisemi Selform System 2022 – 2022 login 2022 registration

To access and login on Tamisemi Selform System 2021 make sure you have device with internet connection with a web browser installed (I recommend to use google chrome), When you are online, open your browser (chrome), type the following address will find a window to fill in your registration information as shown below. Click the Menu written for Candidates, click here to Register if are the first-time user. Kubadili Combination Form Five


The Tamisemi Selform System 2022 – Selform Mis – Tamisemi Selform 2022 – Form four selform 2022 

Student (Form Four Graduate) – His/her main role in The Selform system is to change some personal information like Home Address, Mobile Number, Email Address and options for schools, colleges and its specifications in other sections due to success in its results. Kubadili Combination Form Five

This page provides detailed guide on how to How to access, register and login and change combinations, selecting colleges and school choices on Tamisemi Selform System 2021, read the section below for details


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