myUNM Login: UNM Students Portal |Helpful Quick Guide to Access

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myUNM Login portal

myUNM Login: UNM Students Portal |Helpful Quick Guide to Access

The myUNM portal provides access to numerous University of New Mexico online services and resources, such as Demographic Self Service, Email, Internet Native Banner, Learning Central, LoboWeb, and Learn.

It provides access to both internal and external UNM resources. Through MyUNM, students and workers can quickly access vital UNM-related connections and information.

You can use the portal to access institutional apps, and you can personalize the portal to suit your needs, such as by altering its appearance and adding bookmarks, among other things.

MyUNM enables access to hundreds of internal resources (systems, websites, feeds, and events), removing the need to keep track of individual links.

How to log into myUNM

myUNM login page screenshot.

myUNM login page screenshot.

To reach myUNM,

  • Proceed to
  • Select “Login” in the upper-right corner.
  • On the login page for myUNM, enter your UNM NetID.
  • Enter your account’s password next.
  • Click “LOGIN” then to access the myUNM student portal.
  • Remember, for security purposes, to log out of the myUNM portal and close your web browser when you have completed using authenticated services.

How to choose your UNM NetID

Your UNM NetID and Password grant you access to a variety of online services, such as myUNM and LoboMail, as well as on-campus computer systems. UNM NetID is available to all Students, Faculty, and Staff (and some affiliations) of the university.

Faculty, staff, and students of UNM Health System and UNM HSC will continue to manage their HSC NetID using the HSC.ID system.

When applying for a NetID, you may select a username. This is how you will be identified in the UNM computer and email system. Numerous individuals select a NetID that contains all or a portion of their name.

Joe Garcia, for instance, might select the NetID jgarcia. His email address at the University of New Mexico would be

If the NetID you specify is already in use, the application will prompt you to choose a new one.

How to create your UNM NetID

Before you may create your UNM NetID, you must provide your date of birth and social security number to complete the application. If an international student or faculty member has not yet been issued a permanent social security number, they should utilize the 000 number assigned by UNM.

To create a new UNM NetID, you must:

UNM NetID login page.

UNM NetID login page.

  • Visit
  • Select the “New User Registration” link in the toolbar’s upper portion.
  • Select the link labeled “UNM NetID Registration.”
  • Input your UNM Banner ID and birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy) in their corresponding fields.
  • Your first and last name will be entered automatically.
  • Create a UNM NetID of your choosing.
  • Enter your cell phone number.
  • This will be used to verify your identity for future password changes.
  • Create a password for your University of New Mexico NetID.
  • Choose and answer your desired security questions.

How to reset your password

After confirming your identity, you can reset your password if you’ve forgotten it. You can verify your identity by answering your security questions or by entering a verification code delivered to your cell phone through text message. Below are the guidelines for using these approaches.

  • Visit the NetID Sign-In Page.
  • Enter your NetID and then click “Forgot your UNM NetID password?”
  • Choose the means by which you wish to authenticate your identity:
    • If you wish to reset your password using your Security Questions, select “Answer security questions.”
    • If you choose to use a verification code sent to your mobile device, select “Send a verification code to my phone.” (In order to use this option, your mobile phone number must have been previously set up.)
  • Using security questions to reset your password;
    • Click “Submit” after selecting “Answer security questions.”
    • Choose your security questions and enter the corresponding answers.
    • Enter a new password in both the “Enter New Password” and “Confirm Password” fields, then click the “Submit” button.
    • Click “Finished”
  • To reset your password using a verification code, follow these steps:
    • Click “Submit” after selecting “Send verification code to my phone”
    • Receive a message containing a verification code via text
    • Type the verification code in the field labeled “Text Verification Code,” enter a new password in both the “Enter New Password” and “Confirm Password” fields, and then click “Submit”
    • Click “Finish”

Go to NetID Help if you have not previously set your security questions or mobile phone number.

If you know your existing password, you can change it by following the steps below.

  • Sign into your UNM NetID.
  • Select the “Reset My Password” link.
  • Read the policy reminder and accept the terms indicated.
  • Enter your new password in both the “Password” and “Confirm Password” columns by scrolling down.
  • Select “I Accept” from the menu.

Distinctions between the UNM number and the UNM NetID

There are distinctions between the UNM ID number, the UNM NetID, and the HSC NetID.

In the central accounting and educational systems, the UNM ID number uniquely identifies every student and employee (also known as Banner). Your nine-digit UNM ID number is assigned to you automatically when your Banner record is generated. Sometimes, the UNM ID is also referred to as the Banner ID.

LoboMail, myUNM, and Learning Central are among the campus systems that may be accessed using the UNM NetID. The UNM NetID is available to all students, faculty, staff, retirees, and affiliates (including University Hospital and Health Science Center personnel).

Central and branch campus students, teachers, staff, and affiliates are able to create their own UNM NetIDs online. UH and HSC students, professors, staff, and fellows will have NetIDs created by the HSC Help Desk that closely resemble their HSC NetIDs.

All NetIDs must have between 2 and 20 characters. The associated password is between 8 and 20 characters long and can be altered at any time by the owner. It cannot be altered once it has been created.

Except for UH personnel and a few affiliate roles, the UNM NetID will include a UNM email account by default.

University Hospital (UH) and the Health Sciences Center (HSC) have the HSC NetID as an extra login option.

How to locate your UNM identification number

To find your UNM ID number, go directly to the Demographic Self-Service (DSS) website. Enter your NetID and password, then locate your UNM ID number at the top of the screen.

There are two access points to the DSS:

By means of LoboWeb via myUNM

  • Sign in to myUNM using your NetID and password.
  • Select the “Enter LoboWeb” link located in the middle of the display.
  • Select the tab labeled “Personal Information.”
  • To enter the DSS, select “Address and Directory Information.”

By means of the UNM Directory

  • Obtain access to the UNM Directory
  • Click the “Update Your Information” link in the upper left corner.
  • You are not need to check in to the UNM Directory prior to continuing.
  • Click on the link labeled “Demographic Self-Service (DSS)”
  • If asked, enter your NetID and password to access the DSS.

How to access the class registration website

Follow the below instructions to gain access to the Registration Portal.

  • Log in to myUNM at using your NetID and password.
  • Access LoboWeb after logging into myUNM.
  • Choose “Student Tab” followed by “Registration & Records” within LoboWeb.
  • Registration (Add/Drop), Course Search, and Holds Verification.
  • Scroll down the page and click on the “Registration Portal” link.
  • This link will take you to the landing page.

How to register and add/drop classes via LoboWeb

To enroll in classes using LoboWeb:

  • Enter your NetID and password to access myUNM at
  • Click the red “LoboWeb” link in the page’s center. (Take note of any messages that may be displayed above the LoboWeb link.)
  • Click the “Student Life” tab in the upper left corner of the myUNM homepage.
  • Select “Registration & Records” from the Student & Financial Aid Menu.
  • Select a term from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking “Registration (Add/Drop), Course Search, Check for Holds.” Click “Submit”.
  • Browse the Announcements.
  • If you are unfamiliar with registration at UNM, see the video tutorials for an introduction. Then click the button labeled REGISTRATION PORTAL.
  • Select the period you wish to register for
  • Select the PROCEED button
  • Accept Financial Responsibility
  • To Insert Courses
    • If you DO NOT know the CRN for your desired course (Course Reference Numbers),
      • Utilize “Find Classes.”
    • If you are aware of the course’s CRN,
      • Choose ENTER CRNs
      • Enter the CRN in the designated field.
      • Select INCLUDE IN SUMMARY.
      • In the summary area, click the green SUBMIT button. Before pressing the SUBMIT button, the course is not added.
      • Check for the REGISTRATION SAVED notification and confirm that your status in the course is REGISTERED in the SUMMARY display.
    • If you already dropped the course and desire to re-enroll, you must re-register.
      • Go to “Registration (Class Add/Drop)”
      • Select “Student Registered” from the drop-down menu next to the course if it is still displayed in the section below your currently registered and wait-listed courses.
      • Enter the CRN directly in the “Add Classes Worksheet” at the bottom of the page if the course is no longer available on this page.
  • In order to modify Variable Credit Hours or Grade Modes.
    • Access the “Change Variable Credits and Grading Mode” page.
    • Using drop-down menus, you can modify the available options for your enrolled courses.
    • View the instructional video on how to modify variable credits.
  • To Cancel Classes


    • In “Register for Classes,” indicate the period for which the course will be dropped.
    • Accept Financial Obligation. Register for classes should appear near the top of the window.
    • Select DELETE from the drop-down menu in the ACTION column of the SUMMARY box.
    • Simply click the SUBMIT button.
    • Look for the message SAVE SUCCESSFUL.
    • Check the SUMMARY window to verify that your course has been dropped.
    • In the “Action” column of your Current Schedule, select the available drop option from the menu (the default is “None”).

Once you have registered or attempted to register for a course, the Status and Action columns will indicate your current status and what you may do with the course based on their placement on the page.

Your course request was successful if the requested course appears in the “Current Schedule” section of the page (near the top).

  • The “Status” column will indicate your current relationship to the course, whether you are registered (“Registered” or “Student Registered”), on a wait list (“Wait Listed”), or have dropped (“Dropped”).
  • The “Action” column will highlight how your relationship with the course can be altered. Choose “Student Registered” from the drop-down menu to register if you have dropped or are on the wait list. Choose the drop option to drop a registered course or remove yourself from a wait list (these vary based on deadline dates for refunds and grading).

Your course request was unsuccessful if the course shows in the “Registration Add Errors” section of the page (at the bottom).



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