myUCF Login: UCF Portal Login Guide 2022

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myUCF Login: UCF Portal Login Guide 2022

UCF Portal Login

myUCF Login: UCF Portal Login Guide 2022

The myUCF Login portal is an online student gateway at the University of Central Florida for all personal records, academic history, and financial aid information. It need your NID and NID password to access.

This article discusses how to access the UCF portal, how to check your admission status, and how to add and drop courses. Keep reading.

How to log into myucf

To access the gateway for the University of Central Florida,

  • Visit with your web browser.
  • Click the Sign In link in the upper-left corner of the page.
  • Provide your NID.
  • Provide your NID passphrase.
  • Sign in to have access to your personal files.
  • To log in using a Mobile Device, visit on your mobile browser.
  • Sign in using your NID and password.
  • After the scheduled update on March 20, 2021, the myUCF site has a slightly fresh look and a new navigation option.

Sign in to myUCF to register for classes, monitor your grades, view crucial dates on the UCF Academic Calendar, and update your personal information, among other things. Learn how to access the UCF Knights’ email.

The myUCF Login portal offers the subsequent services:

  • Find and register for courses.
  • Update contact details.
  • Consider your financial aid options.
  • Pay your school fees.
  • myKnightAudit enables students to monitor their progress toward graduation.
  • Examine your final grades at the conclusion of each semester.
  • Manage the Holds and To-Dos on your account.
  • Request official transcripts.
myUCF Login

myUCF Login screenshot

What is NID?

The UCF system produces your Network ID (NID) by semi-randomly combining two letters with unique random integers when you initially join the UCF network. Your NID is a unique identifier that will never be assigned to another user.

You can use your NID to access many University systems and services, such as the portal, by logging in with it.

The primary function of your NID is to electronically authenticate you to UCF systems containing your sensitive UCF-related information. You must secure your NID and password by not disclosing it with anyone.

NID account locked?

Your NID may be locked as a result of frequent automated sign-on attempts by devices, computers, or websites utilizing an old password. Follow these procedures to prevent future NID account lockouts and restore access:

  • Delete or “forget” any UCF wireless networks from your wireless devices (such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, streaming gear, “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices, etc.).
  • Delete or clear any saved passwords from all browsers on your device.
  • Delete all operating system password storage locations. Carefully remove any Outlook client credentials that have been saved.
  • Sign out of all services (email, wifi, myUCF, Webcourses, and other UCF webpages) that may have stored your NID credentials.
  • Sign out and turn off all devices.
  • Reset your NID password.
  • Turn on each device individually and configure them to use your new NID password. Take care to update wifi and email accounts individually on your mobile device.
  • If your account locks after you power on your most recent device, that device may include a saved password. Repeat the procedures with the device powered down.

If your NID account is locked or your password is changed without your knowledge, please contact the UCF IT Support Center at 407-823-5117 and the Security Incident Response Team at immediately.

What is UCFID?

When you join the UCF community for the first time, the UCF system creates your UCFID (sometimes called EMPLID). Your UCFID is a random, unique number that acts as your primary identifier within the UCF system.

Your UCFID connects your student, staff, or faculty records, which contain personal information in addition to grades, timetable, payroll, and other data. You cannot use your UCFID to access any UCF system.

When identifying yourself to a UCF office that has access to your records, use your UCFID. For instance, your UCFID may be required when booking an advising appointment, checking out a library book, or engaging with Human Resources.

How to add/drop courses in myucf

Through the myUCF site (, you can add and drop courses.

  • Enter your NID and NID password into myUCF.
  • Select “Student Center” after clicking “Student Self Service”
  • Click “Add Classes” or “Drop/Withdraw Classes” to add or remove courses from this schedule, respectively.
  • To view your new class schedule, click on “View My Schedule.”
  • Select “Drop/Withdraw” in the Action box adjacent to the course(s) you wish to remove from your schedule if you are dropping classes.
  • Click “View Fee Statement” Always print a fresh fee invoice when dropping or adding courses. It is recommended that you print a copy of the updated course schedule and invoice for your records.

To determine your tuition costs,

  • Sign into myUCF and navigate to “Student Self Service” and “Student Center”
  • Click “Fee Invoice” within the “My Account” section.
  • Choose the term you wish to examine.
  • After registering for courses, make sure to produce and print a new Fee Invoice each time a course is dropped or added. After initial enrollment, you can view and print a Fee Invoice at any time; adding or deleting a course is optional.

How to view and print your class roster in myUCF

To view the class roster, follow these steps:

  • Proceed to
  • Login using your National ID and password (if you have forgotten your password, go to
  • Click “Faculty/Advisor Self Service” in the top left of the myUCF Menu.
  • Select “Instructors”
  • Select “My Teaching Schedule” next.

To print the class list:

  • To the right of “Enrolled Students” at the top of the roster table is “Customize | Find | Download.” Choose “Download”
  • Click the radio button to choose whether the file should be opened or saved locally.
    Select OK

How to check your application status on myUCF Login portal

To check the status of your admissions application, please follow the below instructions:

  • Sign in to the myUCF site with your NID and NID password.
  • Click the “Student Self Service” page after logging in to your myUCF account.
  • Then, choose “Undergraduate Admissions” (graduate applicants should choose “Graduate Students”).
  • Click “Application Status” to access the Application Status page. This should display not only the progress of your application, but also any supporting materials we have received.


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