myJHU Login: Quick Guide to Login JHU Portal

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myJHU Login

myJHU portal offers Johns Hopkins University students access to email and various university-wide services.

This is your access point to hundreds of Johns Hopkins web applications and critical information about your Johns Hopkins community.

How to create your myJH account

Visit myJH and follow the procedures below if you do not know your JHED ID.

  • Find the JH Enterprise Directory (JHED) search engine in the section entitled Featured Tools + Resources.
  • Enter your name in Last, First format, then click the search button.
  • If many records fit your search criteria, you will need to examine the list of results to locate the desired record. After doing so, click on your name in the column labeled Full Name.
  • On the subsequent screen, your JHED ID will appear to the right of “Login ID.” After locating your JHED ID, use it to sign in to myJHU.


How to log into myJHU portal

myJHU Login

myJHU Login screenshot

Accessing the myJHU portal;

  • Access by navigating to
  • Click the “Log in” button in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Enter your JHED ID in order to login.

How do I change myJHU password?

Generally, a JHED ID password is valid for six months after it has been created. The password will expire after six months, and you will receive a notification demanding a password change.

You can replace your expired password by following the supplied steps. However, if you wish to change your password for reasons other than expiration, please follow the guidelines below.

Change Your JHU password;

  • Sign in at
  • Click the myProfile icon on the top right of the screen once you have logged in.
  • Click the Change Password link inside myProfile’s Password Management section.
  • Enter your existing password, then generate a new one.
  • Additionally, you may be required to change your Security Questions. Click the Change Password and Set Security Questions button when finished.
  • Your password has been changed successfully.

How to add a nickname in myJHU

Follow these procedures to modify your myJHU Portal username. This will be displayed when you send and receive emails, as well as when someone searches for you in the directory.

  • Visit and sign in.
  • Navigate to “myProfile” and then click “myProfile.”
  • Scroll down to “Nick Name” and then enter the desired nickname in the text field. Using the drop-down menu, you can change who sees it.
  • Scroll down to the “Preserve myProfile” button to save your selections.

Note that under myJHU, all of your bills, grades, transcripts (unofficial and official), class registration, etc. will continue to be listed under your full legal name. The only way to fix this is to officially change your name and submit an official document to the Registrar’s Office so that they can update your information in the system.

What is JHED?

JHED is a comprehensive online directory that provides Johns Hopkins University students with access to tools such as the myJHU portal, JHU SIS, and JHU email.

JHED is the abbreviation for the Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory.

Your JHED Login ID, also known as your JHED ID or JHED LID, is the username you use to access the JHED system. The JHED ID should have been sent to new students through email.

How to locate your JHED ID

The initial step in creating a JHED account is to identify your JHED ID (or Login ID or LID). You can locate your JHED ID by conducting a search for yourself from any computer on campus.

  • Visit
  • Enter your last name in the Search box located in the upper-right corner of the display.
  • Then, hit the Go button. If there are multiple individuals with your last name, find yourself and click on your name.
  • It will display your JHED ID (or login ID, or LID).

Log into JHED for the first time

After locating your JHED ID, you can log in to the JHED system and set up your account.

In the upper left corner of the initial screen, click FIRST TIME USER. You may also click MYJH HELP and then click MYJH HELP again. How can I create my first account?

Then, you will be directed to the First Time JHED User screen. Input your JHED ID (or Login ID or LID) in the field provided. First-time login to the JHED system involves identity verification and account creation.

You will be asked for your SSN and date of birth (NOTE: APL employees will instead be asked for their employee ID number). You will then be asked to choose a new password, secret question, and secret answer when this information has been validated.

How to create your JHED password

To create a password for JHED, follow these steps:

  • Click “First Time User?” on the left menu of
  • Enter your Username. This is the ID that was emailed to you. Do not search for yourself if you have not received the “Your Johns Hopkins JHED Login ID” email. Instead, please send an email to or dial 410-516-8080.
  • Enter the characters shown in the image. Click “proceed.”
  • According to the password policy, you must generate and confirm a password.
  • Enter your birth date.
  • Enter the final five numbers of your government identification card (SSN). Students from abroad will receive an email at their personal email addresses. This email will provide the student’s JHU Government ID number.
    • Contact or dial 410-516-8080 if you are an international student who has not received the “Johns Hopkins Government ID” email.
    • Select three questions and answers for security. Click “proceed.”
  • After getting confirmation that your password has been set, you may use your JHED ID to log in.

Remember both your JHED Login ID and password! This information is confidential; do not disclose your password to anybody.


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