MyDHR Alabama Login Portal Guide

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MyDHR Alabama Login Portal Guide

We can assist you if you are seeking to access or apply for food stamp benefits using your MyDHR Alabama account. This page will give you all the information you need to successfully log in to your Alabama MyDHR account.

You can apply for benefits and manage your current government assistance benefits via the MyDHR Alabama web platform. In addition, an Alabama MyDHR account lets you to submit benefit adjustments and renewal requests.


Continue reading to view our MyDHR Alabama Login Guide with step-by-step directions for logging in to your online MyDHR account.

This article discusses:

  • MyDHR Alabama Account Information
  • How to Login MyDHR Alabama
  • How to Reset MyDHR Alabama Password
  • MyDHR Alabama Customer Service

MyDHR Alabama Account Overview

MyDHR is an online portal created by the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) to assist Alabama residents in managing their government assistance entitlements. Today, citizens of Alabama can access their benefits 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the online application.

Currently, the MyDHR Alabama website serves only Alabama residents who are applying for or receiving food assistance programs. The USDA Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program funds the Alabama Food Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP, generally known as food stamps, assists low-income households in meeting their fundamental needs.

The food stamps program operates by distributing monthly payments to qualified households that can be used to purchase food and groceries from participating stores.

Food-insecure Alabama citizens can use the MyDHR online application to:

  • Determine their SNAP Eligibility
  • Submit an Application for Food Stamps in Alabama
  • Verify the Status of a Request or Benefits
  • View the Deposit Date for SNAP EBT
  • Submit Modifications to Their Benefits.
  • Perform a Benefits Recertification for SNAP
  • Upload Verification Documents

To find how to login your MyDHR Alabama online account, continue reading below.

MyDHR Alabama Login Portal Steps

If you need assistance logging into your MyDHR online account, please refer to the instructions provided below.

These instructions will only work if you have already created a MyDHR Alabama account. If this is your first visit to the MyDHR online portal, you must create an account before logging in. For information on how to create a MyDHR Alabama account, please refer to this guide.

MyDHR Alabama Login Portal

MyDHR Alabama Login Portal

MyDHR Alabama Login Portal Instructions 

To log in to your MyDHR Alabama account, please follow the instructions below:

Step #1 – Visit the Website

Going to the website is the first step in logging into your My DHR Account. Please visit

Step #2 – Enter your Username & Password

Once you are on the site, enter your Username and Password into the Login Section. The login section is located on the left-side of the page.

For help see the yellow highlighted area on the screenshot below.

MyDHR Alabama Login Portal

MyDHR Alabama Login Portal

Step #3 – Click to Sign-In

After entering your credentials, click the “Sign In” button. If you have successfully logged in, you should be on the homepage of your My DHR Alabama Account.

Please note that you may be required to verify your login credentials. If so, continue to the subsequent step.

Step #4 – Answer your Security Question

If you are required to verify your login, you must answer a security question. These are the registration questions you made for your MyDHR Alabama account. Once you’ve provided an answer, click the “Submit” button. You should now be redirected to the homepage of your account.

Congratulations, you are now logged in to MyDHR Alabama!

If you have forgotten your Account Password, please refer to the guidelines below.

Forgot MyDHR Alabama Password

If you are attempting to log in to your My DHR Alabama Account in order to submit an application or access your food stamp benefits but have forgotten your password, we can assist you. Create a new password for account login by following these instructions.

How to Reset MyDHR Alabama Password [Instructions]

Follow these steps to reset your lost Password: https mydhr alabama gov account resetpassword

Step 1 – Visit the My DHR Alabama Website

If you have forgotten your MyDHR Alabama Password, you must visit the page. The website can be accessed at

Step 2 – Click the “Forgot Password” Link

Once on the site, navigate to the Login portal section on the page’s left. Under the “Sign In” button is a link titled “Forgot Password?” See the screenshot image below for further assistance.

MyDHR Alabama Login Portal

MyDHR Alabama Login Portal

Step 3 – Enter your Username Information

After clicking the link, you will be redirected to a new page where you will be prompted to enter your Username. Enter the required information and click “Submit” to continue.

Please note that the Username is required while creating a new MyDHR Alabama Account Password. You will be unable to reset your Password if you enter incorrect information.

For assistance, please see the image below.

MyDHR Alabama Login Portal

MyDHR Alabama Login Portal

Step 4 – Answer your Security Question 

After entering the right Username, you should be prompted with a message to answer a security question. These are the security questions you established when you created your Account.

Step 5 – Confirm your Email

If you correctly answered your security question, you will be prompted to confirm your email address. If the shown email address is correct and you have access to it, click “Confirm.”

Once you confirm, reset instructions for your Password will be emailed to you.

Step 6 – Reset your Password

Please login to your email after confirming your email address to reset your password. You will receive a Password Reset Email with a link in your inbox.

Click on the link in the email and create a new MyDHR Alabama Password. After creating a new password, you can now access your account.

Continue reading if you are still having problems logging into your My DHR Alabama account.

MyDHR Alabama Customer Service

If you are still unable to access your My DHR Alabama account, assistance is available. MyDHR Alabama Customer Service can assist you with any problems you may be experiencing with your Alabama food stamp benefits, Alabama SNAP EBT Card, or MyDHR Alabama online account.

Use the information given below to contact MyDHR Alabama Login Portal Customer Service regarding your SNAP EBT benefits.

MyDHR Alabama Login Portal Customer Service Phone Numbers

Automated Voice Response System

334-242-0143 (Montgomery, Alabama Area)
1-800-382-0499 (Outside Montgomery, Alabama)

Alabama Food Stamps Customer Service

334-242-1700 (Montgomery, Alabama Area)
866-465-2285 (Outside Montgomery, Alabama)

Email Alabama SNAP Customer Service

Alabama DHR Food Stamps Division Mailing Address

Alabama Department of Human Resources
Attention: Food Assistance Division
50 North Ripley Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36130

MyDHR Alabama Login Portal

We hope you found this post about the MyDHR Alabama Login Portal to be helpful. Please let us know if you have any further questions about your Alabama food stamps in the box below. Additionally, be sure to read all the other articles on our website!


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