My ASU: ASU Login Portal 2022

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My ASU is the student portal for Arizona State University students. It includes everything an arriving Sun Devil needs in one easy location.

You will find your enrollment next steps and to-do items, your financial and account information, registration holds requiring your attention, ASU email, software, and university news, among other things.

In addition, you will find access to the ASU academic calendar, libraries, career services, tutoring, and tech assistance.

How to log into my asu account

My ASU: ASU Login Portal 2022

ASU Login Portal screenshot

To access your myasu account, you must:

  • Navigate to
  • Enter your asurite login credentials.
  • Provide your password.
  • To access your account, click the Sign In button.

How to activate my asu account

As a new student at Arizona State University (Sun Devil), you must activate your ASU account before you can use it.

You will need your ASURITE UserID and activation code to access My ASU. Your code can be found in an email from titled “ASU Account Activation.”

This email will be sent to the address you provided on your application. The code will also be included on your letter of acceptance to ASU.

When you log in to my ASU account, the following sections will be displayed.

  • Finances: Navigate to the Finances page on My ASU to check and accept your financial assistance awards, sign up for direct deposit, and allow My ASU Parent Guest Access.
  • Email:  Check your ASU email frequently for essential enrollment and financial aid-related messages and next actions.
  • My Application Result: View and modify your academic major and residency status. Confirm that Arizona State University has your most recent ACT or SAT scores.
  • Test Scores: Click the Test Scores link to view your ACT, SAT, AP, and math placement scores.
  • Test Scores: Click the Test Scores link to view your ACT, SAT, AP, and math placement scores.
  • Residency Status : The determination of your resident status occurs at the time of your admission. To confirm your residency status, please contact a member of your admissions team.
  • My Classes:  After completing step three of the New Student Experience, you will view your semester schedule, needed books, and grades under “My Classes.”
  • Devil2Devil: Connect with fellow Sun Devils through Devil2Devil to meet new friends, join communities, and ask questions about your first year.
  • ASU Academic Calendar: Keep track of significant academic dates, such as class enrollment, summer sessions, and academic vacations, with the ASU Academic Calendar.
  • Announcements: Receive the most recent news and updates regarding all aspects of ASU.
  • Profile: Please update your mailing address, phone number, and email address.
  • Priority Tasks: Check the Priority Tasks box for your next enrollment-related stages and any financial aid-related tasks.
  • My Software: Use this section to access your major map and verify that you are on schedule to graduate.
  • Academic Support Team: Locate your advisor’s contact information and schedule an appointment to register for classes.
  • My College: View updates from your college as well as university-wide news and events.

My ASU is the website you will visit nearly every day during your college years. This is your homepage, where you can view your class schedule and grades, receive notifications for your to-do list, read student announcements, and access all of your financial information, among other things.

How do I enroll in classes using my ASU ID?

Follow these procedures to register for classes using My ASU:

  • Sign in to my ASU account first.
  • Choose the tab for the semester for which you wish to add a class in the My Classes box.
  • When you click the Registration link, a choice of options will appear.
  • Choose Add/Shopping Cart from the list provided. You can also use the Class Search page to locate a class.
  • Use the class search button (located in the left navigation window) to locate a class, or input the class number and click the green Next button to proceed.
  • Select the desired options, then click the green Add to Cart button to include the class in your shopping cart. Different classes will be available. On this page, you may select an associated class, such as a lab, recitation, studio, etc., if one exists. Certain classes lack alternatives.
  • To attempt enrollment, click the green Enroll button in your purchasing cart. Class Search and the Add Class by Class Number pages also allow you to add more classes to your shopping basket. You can modify previously selected preferences by clicking the Change Preferences link.
  • Confirm your intent to enroll by clicking the option labeled Yes.
  • Examine the result. To view your whole class schedule, select the button labeled View My Classes in the left navigation bar.

Here is a video tutorial for the My ASU portal.

How to swap a class

To swap a class in your schedule using MyASU, follow these steps:

  • In the My Classes section of your myasu dashboard, select the semester for which you wish to change classes.
  • Click the Registration link to reveal a list of available actions, then choose Swap.
  • Select the class you wish to drop from your schedule, then input the class number or search for the class you wish to add.
  • Follow the instructions and click the green Next button to finish the transaction.

The benefit of a swap is that you do not lose your spot in the original class if the transaction fails.

How to Withdraw from a Course or College

Visit University Registrar Services’ Drop/Add and Withdrawal website before seeking withdrawal from a course or the university to learn about drop/withdrawal deadlines, academic and financial ramifications, and tuition refund policies.

Follow these steps to drop/withdraw from a course or the institution using My ASU:

  • In the My Classes section, select the semester for which you wish to submit a drop/withdrawal request.
  • In the My Classes box, click Registration, then Drop/Withdraw.
  • Select the chosen term to display the list of classes you are enrolled in, then check the box next to each class you wish to remove.
  • Mark each box if you wish to withdraw from the university.
  • Click the green Next button and proceed through the remaining steps as instructed.

How to request your transcript using my ASU

Follow the steps below to request an official or unofficial ASU academic transcript*:

  • Sign in with My ASU.
  • In the My Classes section, select Grades & Transcripts.
  • Select Transcripts and Test Results.
  • Choose the transcript type you wish to request.
  • If required, complete the form and submit payment.

ASU Asurite

ASURITE is the primary login for computing services at Arizona State University.

Everyone at ASU is granted a unique ASURITE UserID, which you may use as long as you are affiliated with the university and adhere to its regulations and procedures.

ASURITE UserID is required to access many ASU services. Your eligibility for services depends on your association with Arizona State University.

After being admitted, new student applicants may have access to particular Web pages to check the status of their application or register online. Enrolled students will be able to add additional computing services to their UserID as needed.

Because the ASURITE UserID is used for a variety of accesses, including sensitive information such as your grades, it is essential to safeguard your password.

Please refrain from sharing it with others. Change your password on a regular basis. Choose passwords that are hard to guess.

Forgot password

You can reset your forgotten ASURITE password by visiting the ASU Lost/Forgotten Password Recovery service. Your ASU ID, name, and phone number are required. Within 72 hours, ASU will call you to reset your password. The security of your information requires a phone call.

Change ASURITE Password

If you know your ASURITE password, you can change it by visiting the ASU Change Password website or by logging into your My ASU account and making the necessary changes.

  • Sign in to the My ASU portal.
  • Check out the Profile tab.
  • Find the Account Information box.
  • Click the link Password Update.
  • Enter both your current and new passwords.
  • Choose the Save option.

Password requirements and strength indicator

The password strength meter indicates the safety of your password. To establish a password, you must meet the minimum criteria of 10 characters comprising at least one of three of the four potential character types.

  • A lowercase letter, comprised of: ab c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
  • A capital letter, for example: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.
  • The numerals 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • A peculiar character, comprising the following:! percent * – + =:. /?

The most secure passwords contain at least one character from each of the four character types and are at least 14 characters long. The password strength meter does not verify that your password is easily guessed, such as a simple word followed by a 1 or!. Ensure that your password is difficult for others and password-cracking software to decipher.

The password strength meter is located on the change password webpage and indicates how tough it would be for someone to guess your password. Red is weak, yellow is sufficient, and green is robust.

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