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List of courses offered by Mzumbe university 2022/2023

1. Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA)
2. Bachelor of Human Resources Management (BHRM)
3. Bachelor of Local Government Management (BLGM)
4. Bachelor of Health Services Management (BHSM)
5. Bachelor of Public Administration-Records and Archives Management (BPA-RAM)
6. Bachelor of Laws (LL.
7. Bachelor of Science in Economics (B.Sc. Econ) with options in:
(i) Economic Policy and Planning-BSc.Econ (EPP)
(ii) Project Planning and Management – BSc. Econ(PPM)
(iii) Population and Development – BSc. Econ (P&D)

8. Bachelor of Education in Languages and Management (BELM)
9. Bachelor of Education in Commerce and Accounting (BECA)
10. Bachelor of Education in Economics and Mathematics (BEEM)
11. Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF) with options in:
(i)Public Sector ( BAF- PS)
(ii)Business Sector (BAF- BS)


12. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with options in:
(i) Marketing Management – BBA (MKT)
(ii)Entrepreneurship Development – BBA (ED)
(iii)Procurement and Logistics Management (BBA-PLM)

13. Bachelor of Science with options in:
(i) Information and Communication Technology with Management (BSc.ICT-M)
(ii) Information Technology and Systems (BSc.ITS)
(iii ) Information and Communication Technology with Business (BSc.ICT-B)
14. Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics (B.Sc. AS)
15. Bachelor of Science in Production and Operations Management (B.Sc. POM)
16. Bachelor of Science in Library and Information Management (BSc. LIM)
17. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and ICT with Education (BSc. MICT-EDU)
18. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Management (BSc. IEM)


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