iToolab UnlockGo All-in-One iPhone Passcode Unlocker

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Untethered Bypass iCloud Locks without Password

iToolab UnlockGo is an all-in-one iOS unlocking tool that can easily unlock your iPhone or iPad’s Screen Passcode, iCloud Activation Lock, Apple ID/iCloud accounts, and Find My iPhone without a password.

iToolab UnlockGo

iToolab UnlockGo All-in-One iPhone Passcode Unlocker

iCloud lock is the most essential feature for protecting the data on your iOS device. Lost your Apple ID and password and are unable to activate your iPhone following an iOS update? iToolab UnlockGo now allows you to access your smartphone without a password. It can bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch even without an Apple ID and password.

Free your iPhone, enjoy all functions

What can you do after removing activation lock and disabling FMI on iOS devices?

  • Without iCloud Activation Lock, restart your iPhone/iPad.
  • Sign in to the AppStore with your new Apple account to purchase and download apps.
  • Set a new passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID on an iPhone or iPad.
  • Sync music, video, and images with iTunes.

Download iToolab UnlockGo  for WINDOW

Download iToolab UnlockGo for Mac

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock simply.

When you reset an iOS device while signed in to your Apple ID and Find my iPhone is active, iCloud Activation Lock shows. iToolab UnlockG can also assist in the following circumstances:

  • Remove the activation lock following a restore.
  • Remove the activation lock from a misplaced iPhone.
  • Face/Touch ID are not supported.
  • Unable to activate.

Get access to the device after iCloud Activation Lock removal.

After disabling Activation Lock, you can enjoy the following:

  • Gain access to your device.
  • Get a new Apple ID for the iTunes Store and the App Store.
  • The device is no longer associated with the prior Apple ID.
  • The prior Apple ID cannot remotely wipe the device.
  • The Activation Lock will not reappear even if the device is restarted.

Note: Jailbreaking is required to unlock iCloud Activation Lock.

iToolab UnlockGo Pros and Cons


  • Supports multiple iOS lock kinds, including screen passcode lock.
  • Apple ID lock, iCloud activation lock, Screen Time passcode lock, and MDM lock.
  • Includes support for all iPhone models, the iPad, and the iPod touch.
  • Unlocks your smartphone quickly and efficiently in a handful of minutes.
  • The UI is user-friendly and intuitive.


  • The Unlock Apple ID feature is only compatible with those Apple devices running on iOS 11.4 and later versions. Again, the Two-Factor authentication and screen passcode lock must be switched on.
  • For several unlock scenarios, the device must first undertake the jailbreak process. This takes the entire procedure lengthier.
  • The success is not totally guaranteed.
  • The MDM feature is a bit new and is not as advanced as other programs like the LockEraser tool.
  • The free trial version is extremely limited, and the premium version is costly compared to similar solutions in the market.
  • The customer service draws scathing criticism from users.

With the following simple steps, you will learn how to utilize iToolab UnlockGo to unlock various iPhone or iPad locks.

Download, install, and then run iToolab UnlockGo on your computer before you begin.

Part 1. Unlock Screen Passcode

The following are the easy procedures to unlock the screen passcode on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Click the video below to learn how to use iToolab UnlockGo to unlock the Screen Lock on your device easily.

Step 1: Ensure device is connected to your computer

After connecting your device to your computer, our application should recognize it automatically. To begin, select “Unlock Screen Passcode” from the main interface.

In the event that your iPhone / iPad is not detected by your computer, put your device into “Recovery Mode” or “DFU Mode” by following the steps below.

How to put your device into “Recovery Mode”:

How to put your device into “DFU Mode”:

Step 2: Download the latest firmware

Next, the most recent firmware package must be downloaded by selecting a save location and clicking “Download.” If you have previously downloaded the firmware package, you can import it into the software by clicking “Select.”

Typically, the firmware package is a relatively large file, thus the download process can be time-consuming. A solid internet connection will aid in accelerating the procedure.

Step 3: Start unlocking process

After downloading the correct software, you can remove your iPhone’s passcode by selecting “Start Unlock.”

Please ensure that your device remains connected to your computer throughout the removal of the passcode process, which could take several minutes.

passcode removal process

After successfully removing the device password, you will be able to set up a new password, Touch ID, and Face ID for your iPhone. You can restore your device’s data from an iTunes or iCloud backup.

Your device password has been deleted successfully.

Part 2. Unlock iCloud Activation Lock

The methods below outline how to simply remove the iCloud activation lock from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can also process using the video tutorial.

Step 1: Connect your device to the computer.

On the home screen, select “Remove iCloud Activation Lock,” then click “Start” to continue. Utilize a USB cable to link your device to your PC.

Remove Activation Lock from iCloud

Step 2: Jailbreak your device

To bypass iCloud activation, you must jailbreak your iOS device. iToolab UnlockGowill immediately begin downloading the appropriate jailbreak package for your smartphone. Here you can view the comprehensive guide on how to jailbreak an iPhone on Windows and how to jailbreak an iPhone on Mac.

download the correct package for jailbreaking

Click “Jailbreak” once the jailbreak package has been downloaded. Follow the directions on-screen to place the device in DFU Mode and wait while the application completes the jailbreaking procedure.

Step 3: Remove iCloud Activation lock.

Before removing the Apple activation lock, you must check that you have connected the correct device after the jailbreaking process is complete. Check the device information displayed on-screen, then click “Remove” to continue. iToolab UnlockGo will initiate the process of removing the iCloud activation lock from your device.

The process requires only a few seconds to finish. After the deletion is complete, you can sign in with a new Apple ID through the App Store to download apps and configure the phone’s settings.

Note: After the removal, the functions of call, cellular, and iCloud of your new Apple ID will be disabled.

Part 3. Unlock Apple ID without Password

To remove an Apple ID without a password using iToolab UnlockGo, simply follow the instructions provided. Alternatively, you can watch the video below to learn how to utilize UnlockGo to easily wipe the Apple ID from your device.

Step 1. Launch iToolab UnlockGo

Step 2. Bypass Apple ID

Select the “Unlock Now” tab to erase the Apple ID and iCloud account presently linked with your iOS device.

Currently, iToolab UnlockGo  “Unlock Apple ID” feature is compatible with iOS 11.4 or later devices with a passcode lock and Two-Factor Authentication activated.

Next, you must verify that the device’s lock screen and Two-Factor Authentication are enabled.

You must manually verify that Two-Factor Authentication is enabled by selecting Settings > Apple ID > Password & Security. To continue, choose “Yes” if this is enabled.

After selecting the correct answer, you must download the firmware. UnlockGo will detect automatically the model of your smartphone. Select the desired firmware version, then click “Download.” It will require a few minutes to complete.

Once the firmware is downloaded, click “Unlock Now” to start unlocking the Apple ID.

Unlocking will take a few minutes to finish. Ensure that your gadget remains connected to your computer throughout the procedure.

Step 3. Set Up Your Device

Finally, your Apple ID will be removed successfully. Please set up your device by following the instructions on the interface.

After the device has restarted, please configure it. On the display, select “Unlock with Password.” Next, select “Use Device Passcode” and then input the display passcode.

After that, you will be able to establish a new Apple ID and utilize every function of your smartphone.

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