HuskyCT: Guide to Uconn HuskyCT Login 2022-2023

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HuskyCT: Guide to Uconn HuskyCT Login 2022-2023

HuskyCT is the version of the Blackboard learning management system used by the University of Connecticut (LMS).

Faculty, students, administrators, staff, residents, fellows, and allied community health practitioners can access a variety of electronic educational resources through the LMS.

HuskyCT, an acronym for “Husky Course Tools,” is the name of UConn’s learning management system.

How to log into huskyct

To register,

  • Follow the link
  • Click the blue “Login” button then.
  • Enter your UConn NetID in the UConn Single Sign-On page.
  • Provide your password.
  • Click “Login” to access the LMS.
  • The primary navigational tool for the course is the left-hand menu bar, which provides access to extra course material and resources.
HuskyCT login page

HuskyCT login page

You can access a variety of computing services at the University of Connecticut using your UConn NetID credentials. Links to all ReALMs can be accessed through HuskyCT’s Curricular Materials menu link. ReALMs are arranged alphabetically by module and then by session (where applicable). Following each module’s syllabus are the module or session materials.

Your LMS password is identical to your NetID. To reset your password, please go to Students have access to HuskyCT technical assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One can contact technical assistance at 1-855-308-5616. Additionally, online chat help is accessible.

How to access huskyCT via your mobile device

Blackboard (previously Bb Student) is the preferred mobile app for students at the University of Connecticut HuskyCT. Students at UConn are free to download and install the Blackboard App. If you have the myUConn app on your device, this app is already installed.

The new interface is intuitive and contemporary, and it incorporates various new features, including:

  • Activity stream
  • View, complete, and submit assignments, quizzes, and tests
  • Real-time grade access
  • Discussions
  • Advanced accessibility features
  • Seamless integration with Blackboard Collaborate.

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When will my courses be available in HuskyCT?

The availability of courses varies within the UConn HuskyCT LMS. Generally, courses are accessible by the date of the first class meeting. If a course is marked as “unavailable” after the first class meeting, contact the instructor or course director for more information. Additionally, medical students may contact the HOME office inside the School of Medicine. The School of Dental Medicine’s Office of Academic Affairs can be reached by dental students.

What if a course I’m taking is not listed in HuskyCT?

HuskyCT courses are offered at the instructor’s discretion. Therefore, not all UConn Health courses may have a related website.

Contact your teacher if you are officially enrolled in a course that is not listed after the semester’s start date.

Allow up to 24 hours for the LMS to receive the change before contacting your teacher if you were newly added to a course. Contact the ITS Help Center if 24 hours have passed and your instructor has confirmed the course is provided.

What if my exam attempt in HuskyCT was interrupted and the system won’t allow me to finish?

Exams and quizzes can only be reset by the instructor. If you have over the number of allowed attempts, you will need to contact your instructor. Note that further attempts are granted purely at the instructor’s discretion.

What if I can’t find an assignment, exam, or other content items in my HuskyCT course?

Your teacher manages the availability and placement of examinations, assignments, and other content. Occasionally, teachers will restrict the release of content (beginning/ending dates, qualifications, etc.). Consult your instructor for assistance in navigating the course and/or gaining access to particular content.

What if I uploaded the wrong assignment and the system won’t allow me to re-submit?

The number of attempts allowed for a given assignment is determined by the instructor. If you uploaded the incorrect file for an assignment, you must contact your instructor immediately. The UITS Help Center is not authorized to reset assignment attempts and does not have access to them. The instructor may reset your assignment attempt at their discretion.

What is ReALMs?

The MDelta flipped classroom and team-based educational methodology is built upon Remote Active Learning Modules (ReALMs). ReALMs furnish the essential subject basis for participation in in-class application exercises. ReALMs may contain videos, presentations, book chapters, journal articles, and other types of information.


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