How To Unlock Oppo Pattern Lock Password Unlock (Hard Reset)

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How To Unlock Oppo Pattern Lock Password Unlock (Hard Reset)

In this article, you will learn effectively how to unlock oppo pattern lock password unlock (hard reset) by flash tool especially dongle and box equipment.

How To Unlock Oppo Pattern Lock Password Unlock

Oppo android smartphones normally come with the modern security features update, pattern, face lock, and FRP lock, almost on all android versions.

However, oppo mobile pattern removing by hard reset is difficult but through a flash tool, it’ll be so easy to remove pattern lock.

You require a flash tool to hard reset oppo mobile because oppo android smartphones had modern security features if you forgot your pattern draw lock you must use the suggested flash tool which has the model listed.

Oppo mobile does not have recovery where you can mode hard reset like a standard Android smartphone.

Flash tools, to remove pattern lock on oppo device, here is what you require to do, first download the oppo USB driver and install in your PC, next, get the modern flash dongle or box, particularly hydra tool, nck dongle, you may use any dongle you have with you to reset oppo mobile pattern locked.

Google account activation lock, sometimes you will face the issues of frp lock, after resetting the pattern lock on oppo device.

To remove oppo factory reset protection ( frp lock) also you have to use the flash tool to remove frp lock.

How To Unlock Oppo Pattern Lock Password Unlock in best way

  • Hard reset using Flash tool just like Nck dongle, hydra tool, etc.
  • Installs USB driver in your PC, for detecting your device.
  • Micro USB cable for connectivity.
  • Hard resetting, to start removing pattern lock or password lock make sure you have the modern equipment, just like USB cable and dongle.
  • In order the computer to detect your oppo mobile device,Make sure you have installed the USB driver in the PC properly,
  • Micro USB cable is for connectivity from both computer and oppo mobile.


  • The same procedure with pattern unlock method, use the modern flash tool, but if the oppo mobile device is android 11 I recommend you to use hydra tool dongle to remove all lock such as password, pin lock, pattern, also more.
  • If curently you don’t have the mentioned above dongle you can use any tool you have with you.
  • Before any procedure of removing pattern or password lock include frp lock make sure the oppo mobile has battery charge like 50% above to avoiding disconnection during the removing process.


In our blog articles, i have delivered many flash tool software you can free download and start removing any oppo mobile password, pattern lock, frp lock, and more.

Best Android 11 FRP Bypass Tools Free Download

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Halabtech Tool V1.1 FRP/Unlock 2022 Free Download

Miracle Thunder 3.25 Premium Crack By Gsm X Team Free Download

KMO Mobile Tool V1.2.0 Free Download 2022


As I said earlier, how to unlock oppo pattern lock password unlock (hard reset) what you have to do is have the hydra tool dongle, all the flash tools that I have mentioned above on this article are free to use on any mobile device as well as oppo and some many other android devices.

After completing reading this article on How To Unlock Oppo Pattern Lock Password Unlock, you are now ready  to Download free flash tool to remove all oppo mobile devices pattern lock, password lock, factory reset protection lock.

You can order any modern dongle via any online Shop, or local market, and don’t forget to share this content around the internet.

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