GCU Library Great Things About You Have To Experience

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 GCU Library Great Things About You Have To Experience

The Grand Canyon University, GCU Library is located on the third and fourth floors of Building 29’s Student Union.

As a student at GCU, the library is an essential source of information. It also helps you acquire the essential reading habit.

Your Library username and password are the same as your GCU student portal login and password.


This Library Walkthrough video provides comprehensive instructions for locating books and articles as well as utilizing LopeSearch.

In this article, we will explore five unique aspects of the GCU library.

1. Great GCU library study rooms

The Study rooms at the GCU Library allow you to study in silence and privacy. Study rooms in the Library can be reserved on-site, however scheduling in advance is the most efficient method.

You are permitted to schedule two one-hour sessions per week. The larger study rooms have televisions, and you can borrow an HDMI cable to connect your laptop.

The greatest benefit of the study rooms is their peace and quiet. Commuters or residents who require a fixed time and place to study will find the study rooms to be ideal.

Study rooms are a component of the library, although they have a distinct feel. The added advantage of being indoors and somewhat

2. Reserve study rooms online

Individual Study Rooms may be reserved using the GCU Library’s online reservation system.

To book a study space,

  • Choose the third or fourth floor at libcal.gcu.edu.
  • Choose the desired day, time, and room from the options provided.
  • Daily room reservations are permitted for up to four hours.
  • Select Submit Times to continue.
  • Complete the form, review the instructions, and click the Submit button.
  • You must use a GCU email address.
  • You will receive an email confirmation.

3. Reserve study equipments

You can also reserve study equipment for use in the library through the GCU online reservation system.

On the third level of the Grand Canyon University Library, there are Anatomical Models to assist with biology and anatomy classes, Computer Cables to link to the LCD displays in the study rooms, and Computer Workstations to access the desktop computers.

To reserve study materials at the GCU Library,

  • Click the reserve equipment button for the sort of item you wish to reserve on libcal.gcu.edu. Find the item in the list, then click Availability to view the available dates and hours.
    • There could be multiple pages of items.
  • Choose the desired day and time from the options provided.
    • Anatomical models are offered for up to six 2-hour sessions per week.
    • Computer workstations are accessible for up to four hours each day via reservation or walk-in.
    • Cables are accessible for a maximum of four hours per day.
    • Four weeks of WiFi Hotspots are offered.
    • To proceed, click Add to Cart and Checkout.
  • Complete the form, review the instructions, and click the Submit button.
    • You must use a GCU email address.
  • You will receive an email confirmation.
    • Read and accept the associated Checkout Agreement for hotspots.

4. Reserve a wifi hotspot device

WiFi Hotspots are provided to students on campus and in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and can be brought home to offer Internet connection.

Use of a GCU library Wi-Fi hotspot device is subject to the terms and conditions contained in the Checkout Agreement, which must be acknowledged prior to borrowing a device.

If you would want to reserve a Wi-Fi hotspot:

  • Click “Add to Cart & Checkout” after deciding when you would like to visit the GCU Library and pick up a Wi-Fi hotspot device.
  • After reading the Terms and Conditions, click Continue.
  • Fill out and submit the form.
  • Review and accept the Checkout Agreement included in the email confirmation.
  • Visit one of the Library Information Desks located on the third and fourth levels of the Student Union at the time of your reservation and let us know you have a hotspot reservation.
  • Once GCU has confirmed the Checkout Agreement has been signed, you may take the device with you and begin using it.

5. Request an interlibrary loan

The final aspect of the GCU Library is interlibrary loans.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a program that enables current GCU students, teachers, and staff to borrow materials from other libraries that are not immediately accessible through the GCU Library.

Tipasa is the new system used by the Library to manage interlibrary loan requests; it provides more user-friendly features and greater control over your requests. In Tipasa you can:

  • Request interlibrary loans and monitor the current status of your requests.
  • Renew requests or cancel requests.
  • View received electronic articles and book chapters.
  • View notifications and configure notification settings.

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