Eagleconnect: Detailed Guide to Access UNT Email 2022-2023

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Eagleconnect: Detailed Guide to Access UNT Email

EagleConnect is the Microsoft Outlook-based official UNT email system for students, candidates, and alumni.

As a student or prospective student at the University of North Texas, you should regularly check your Eagle Connect email for crucial notifications from the Office of the Registrar, Financial Aid, libraries, student accounting, and advisers, among others.

You may also get correspondence via the UNT Canvas Learning Management System, a different system.

Do not risk missing official university communications.

Your EagleConnect email address is firstlast@my.unt.edu. It is accessible via the Account Management System (AMS). It appears in the “Student Email” field. Your password is the same for all UNT-related systems.

The UNT email account is accessible via the web, PC/Mac, and mobile devices.

How to log into unt eagleconnect

To access your UNT email over the web, enter your username and password.

  • Use your web browser to visit outlook.com/my.unt.edu.
  • Enter your UNT student email address.
  • Provide your password.
  • Then, click the blue “Sign in” button to gain access to your email account.

eagleconnect: UNT email login page.

How to set up eagleconnect on your android device

Using Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync, you may effortlessly configure your Android device to access Eagle Connect.

The interface may vary based on the manufacturer and Android version of your device.

  • Open the device’s Settings, navigate to Accounts, and click Add.
  • Select Exchange, Microsoft Exchange, or ActiveSync.
    • Email address: Your EagleConnect email address (firstlast@my.unt.edu)
    • Address of the server: outlook.Office365.com
    • Your EagleConnect email address (firstlast@my.unt.edu) is your DomainUsername.
    • -OR-
    • Don’t fill in the blank
    • Your EagleConnect email address (firstlast@my.unt.edu) is your username.
    • The password to your EagleConnect account
  • Check that “This server requires a secure SSL connection” is shown.
  • Choose Continue if you are prompted to accept a security certificate.
  • If the connection is successful, you will be asked what data you wish to synchronize.
  • Mail, Contacts, and Calendar are selected by default.
  • Select: Next
  • Account Name: Enter the account’s name and select Finish

How to set up eagleConnect on your iPhone

These instructions should be compatible with the iPhone and other Apple devices that support exchange, such as the iPad.

  • On your iPhone, tap Settings and then Mail (on older versions of iOS, choose Accounts & Passwords).
  • Select Accounts, followed by Add Account.
  • On the Add Account screen, pick Exchange or Microsoft Exchange.
  • Provide your account details: Email: Your EagleConnect email address (firstlast@my.unt.edu). The password to access EagleConnect.
  • Microsoft Exchange will attempt to detect and fill up the remaining parameters automatically. If this fails, you will be required to provide the following further information:
    • Email: Your EagleConnect email address: firstlast@my.unt.edu.
    • Outlook.office365.com is the server.
    • Leave the domain blank.
    • Your EagleConnect email address: firstlast@my.unt.edu is your username.
    • Your EagleConnect email password should never need to be changed.
  • Click Done, then you will be given to choose which aspects of your account to synchronize (Mail, Contacts, and/or Calendar). Finally, click Sync to complete the process.

How to reset your eagle connect password

If you are unable to log in or have lost your eagle connect password, you can reset it by following the steps below.

  • Click the “Forgot your EUID or password?” option located beneath the “Login” button on the myUNT homepage.
  • You will need to provide your name.
  • Enter your birth date.
  • Please enter your Social Security number to continue.
  • If you do not enter the exact same information that appears on your application, transcript, or employee record, AMS may not be able to locate your account.
  • You will also be required to answer a security question that was set up during account creation.
  • Your new password cannot be an already-used password, and it must match the following requirements:
    • Minimum of eight characters, maximum of thirty characters
    • Must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one numeric character.
    • NOT allowed to contain a backslash (\).

Features of unt email

  • Current EagleConnect email services for students include the following:
  • 1 TB of storage space divided between mailbox and OneDrive.
  • Free Microsoft® Office Web Apps and Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus.
  • Protection against viruses and spam with automatic encryption.
  • Address book and calendar information are shared.
  • 25 supported languages.
  • Teams Talk.


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