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CSUN login Portal

The CSUN Gateway or myNorthridge Portal is CSUN’s official web portal for admitted and existing students. It is designed to deliver a multitude of campus resources and services in one convenient place.

CSUN students can login in to access different websites and applications, and services such as email, SOLAR, and network storage space.

How to log into myNorthridge portal

To access CSUN portal

  • Navigate to www.csun.edu and locate the myNorthridge portal on the sign-in menu.
  • Enter your user ID and password to log in.
  • The myNorthridge portal has a navigation bar with tabs.
  • There are seven tabs on the portal: Home, Academics, Services, Activities, Financial Matters, and Add Page.
  • By default, your portal opens onto your home page.
  • Select alternate tabs to access the respective pages’ content.
  • Select Add Page to create a personalized tab.
  • When you are done using the myNorthridge Portal, navigate to the upper-right corner of the page and click the logout link.
  • After logging out, you must ensure that the browser is closed to prevent unwanted access to your personal information.

If you are having problems logging in, ensure that you have entered your user ID and password correctly. Verify that the caps lock is disabled and that cookies and JavaScript are enabled. Or, try closing your browser and reopening it. If these methods do not address the problem, you should contact the IT Help Center.

How to activate your CSUN portal account

For access to the myNorthridge portal and CSUN Canvas, a CSUN user ID is required. To activate, locate the user ID and first password provided by Admissions and Records in the admissions packet. Instructions for activation will be displayed.

If you haven’t already activated your CSUN portal account, please follow the instructions below.

  • After applying to CSUN through Cal State Apply, Admissions and Records will send you an email titled “Activate Your CSUN Account” to the address you submitted on your application. After applying, you should receive the email within 1 or 2 days.
  • Regularly examine your CSUN email and the myNorthridge site for official communications. The University will discontinue sending you email.
  • Admissions and Records sent you an email titled “Activate CSUN User ID and Password” (as detailed above). The email will contain a link to verify your identity and create a password.
  • Visit the CSUN Login page and input your login credentials.
  • Follow the instructions below to activate your username and password.

How to reset your forgotten CSUN password

Prior to being able to reset your password, you must possess one of the following three items:
Your CSUN User ID, your 9-digit CSUN ID Number, OR your CSUN email address (for example, jane.doe.11@my.csun.edu or john.doe@csun.edu).

  • Visit www.csun.edu and click Forgot: Password on the myNorthridge Portal Login page.
  • Displays the Forgot/Reset My Password popup.
    • Enter your date of birth in the format (MM/DD).
    • Select one of the following options:
      • Your User ID for CSUN
      • Your nine-digit CSUN ID
      • Or, your CSUN email address (e.g., jane.doe.11@my.csun.edu or john.doe@csun.edu
  • Select the Following button.
  • You will be asked how you would like to get your temporary password. According to the information on file, only one choice is accessible in this scenario. Select Non-CSUN email (if applicable) or Text as appropriate.
  • After making your choices, click the Send Temporary CSUN Password button. Your temporary password will be transmitted using the selected method.
  • You will use your temporary password to change your password one time. Follow the instructions in the following section to change your password.

If this does not work, contact the IT Help Center by phone at (818) 677-1400, online at (http://techsupport.csun.edu), or in person at the IT Help Center, located in the Student Union (Oviatt Library, First Floor, Learning Commons). Because of security concerns, the Help Center cannot reset your password via email.

How to change your CSUN password

Select Update Password when prompted by the system to change your password. You will be directed to an interface where you’ll;

  • Enter your User ID in the area labeled Your Account ID. Visit the Forgot User ID section of this manual if you do not know your User ID.
  • Input Your Previous Password.
  • Enter Your New Password, keeping in mind the following instructions:
    • Contains at least one uppercase and lowercase alpha, one number, and one of the following characters: (!@#$ percent &*-
    • Minimum length of nine (9) characters
    • Neither your first nor last name.
    • Avoid using words that can be found in a dictionary.
  • Repeat your New Password entry.
  • Select the New Password to Submit button.
  • Your password has been changed. If you encounter an error, reread the password requirements and try again.

How to find your user ID

If you have forgotten your User ID, take these steps:

  • Select the Forgot: User ID link from the myNorthridge Portal Login window on www.csun.edu.
  • You must provide information for TWO options on the Forgot User ID page in order to use this function.
  • Once TWO of the options have been selected, click the Search button.
  • Your User ID will be displayed on the following page.

CSUN email

When a student enrolls at CSUN, he or she receives a CSUN email account. Admissions and Records should have sent you a letter with your CSUN email account and initial password. Use these credentials to log into your account for the first time.

Your CSUN student Gmail account serves as your official University email address. You are responsible for monitoring this account, as the University will utilize it for official messages.

How to access CSUN gmail

Enter your @my.csun.edu email prefix (e.g., jane.doe) and CSUN password on the Gmail login screen. If you do not know your email address, go to the Student Center after logging in to the myNorthridge portal (SOLAR). Your student Gmail address can be found in the Personal Information section.

Contact the IT Help Center in person or by telephone if you have lost your first password. If you attempted to log in with your CSUN password but were unsuccessful, reset your CSUN password and try again.

How to register for classes via myNorthridge portal

  • My Checklist in the myNorthridge Portal will list your enrollment appointment.
  • Plan your classes using the search tools outlined in Before You Register. Be adaptable if your preferred options are unavailable.As you create your timetable, keep the following in mind:
    • Class Notes include essential information, including corequisite courses (e.g., paired lecture and lab portions) that require concurrent enrollment and whether or not entirely online courses require attendance at virtual meetings at scheduled times, etc.
    • Certain courses require permission to enroll because they are “limited” to a particular major, class standing (freshman, junior, or senior), etc.
      Contact the academic department or instructor to request an enrollment authorization number.
    • Departments may add new sections prior to and during registration periods, so consult the Class Schedule frequently.
  • When it is time for your enrollment appointment, log in to the myNorthridge Portal and click the “Enroll in Classes” link in My Checklist.
    • Note the maximum load per unit. Those in good standing are permitted to enroll in up to 17 units in the autumn and spring, whereas students on probation are limited to 13 units. Seniors may enroll in up to 19 units.
    • Add classes to your enrollment shopping cart, then submit and confirm your request.

      • If you’ve saved a preferred schedule in Registration Planner, use the validation feature to identify any closed class sections or registration mistakes. Adjust your schedule accordingly, and then import it into your registration cart.
      • As soon as your appointment arrives, you can submit your enrollment request using the CSUN Mobile App if you have preloaded your cart.
    • Waitlist for full classes and be added when a seat becomes available. You may place a maximum of 13 units on waitlist.
  • Pay your tuition and other costs, which are required at registration and must be paid by the published deadlines in the Fee Payment Schedule. Depending on when you register for each class on your schedule, the deadline may change. WARNING: If you fail to pay on time, you will be dropped from some or all of your classes!
    • Sign in to the Financial Matters tab of the myNorthridge Portal to examine your account balance and payment due dates.
    • Using the CSUN Mobile App, you can pay on-the-go.
    • If you have financial help, the amount of your projected aid will prevent you from being dropped from classes if you submitted your paperwork on time and your aid package is equal to or more than the amount you owe.
  • As needed, adjust your schedule during registration periods.
    • You may add, wait-list, drop, swap, or modify the grading foundation online until the published deadlines.
    • Drop unwanted classes as quickly as possible during online self-service registration.
    • When online access expires, official clearance is necessary to make schedule adjustments.
  • Examine your course schedule and final exam schedule through the myNorthridge Portal. Prior to the last class meeting, confirm with your teachers the time and location of the final examinations.

How to change major or minor online through myNorthridge portal

You can request a change of major and/or minor online through the SOLAR Student Center and the myNorthridge portal. As long as your request complies with university regulation, you may add, amend, or delete a major/minor. Changes to a major that is impacted cannot be sought online. Inquire with your academic advisor.

SOLAR is the acronym for CSUN’s administrative apps. SOLAR is the portion of the myNorthridge Portal where students can register for classes, monitor their grades, update their campus contact information, etc.

Online major/minor changes take four steps:

  • Determine beforehand which College your major/minor belongs to. It will be required later in this procedure.
  • Make the request online through the SOLAR Student Center.
  • An academic advisor or administrator will evaluate your request.
  • Email notification of the decision will be sent to you. Additionally, you can view the status of your request online.

Use the Major/Minor Change paper forms if you have completed 90 units, if your major does not permit online changes, or if you are enrolled in a Tseng College major (extension).

  • Go to www.csun.edu, the CSUN homepage, and:
    • Select the link for the myNorthridge Portal.
    • Enter your CSUN User ID and password to log in.
  • The homepage of your myNorthridge portal is displayed. Click the SOLAR Student Center icon in the box containing Quick Links.
  • The SOLAR Student Center has exhibitions.
    • Choose Change Major/Minor from the drop-down option located beneath the Academics title.
    • Click the Go button then.
  • The Change of Major/Minor Page has the following text:
    • You may add, modify, or drop your major(s) and/or minor(s) (s)
    • Your request will require an approval process
    • You will receive an email with your request’s findings.
    • Check the SOLAR Student Center’s “Change of Major/Minor Status” page for a decision. To continue, please click the Next button.
  • The Restrictions page has the following text:
    • A few restrictions apply to online major/minor changes. and
    • Why some buttons may be disabled.
    • Click Modify in the major box to change your major.
  • Your chosen action is displayed on a new page with the headline ADD, CHANGE, or DELETE a major/minor.
    • To alter your major, you must initially research the Requested College.
    • Click on the magnifier symbol.
  • The pop-up box for Look Up Requested College offers a list of Colleges by “academic group code” and “description.”
    • Choose the College that offers your preferred major or minor.
  • Your requested college’s name and code are currently displayed. Now…
    • Locate your Desired Major/Minor.
    • To view a list of majors, click the magnifying glass button.
  • The Look Up Major/Minor pop-up window displays all academic program options (majors and minors) and their Academic Plan codes for the previously selected College. Click the “Description” column’s heading to alphabetize the program list.
    • As needed, scroll through the list.
    • Select your desired major or minor by its Academic Plan code (e.g 342135B).
  • Your Major/Minor Requested and new degree aim (Bachelor of Science) are now displayed. Check your selection for errors.
    • Click Cancel to go back and alter your option.
    • Click Next if you are pleased with your selection.
  • The CONFIRM Major/Minor Change page displays. Ensure that you have chosen the desired College and major/minor.
    • To return, select Cancel.
    • To submit your request, click the Submit button.
  • The pop-up notification “permission required” appears to remind you that:
    • The College’s advisor or administrator will evaluate your request.
    • A decision notification will be emailed to your CSUN account.
    • Additionally, “Check Major/Minor Status” is available in the SOLAR Student Center.
    • Clicking the Cancel button in the message window will allow you to cancel your request. To continue, click OK.
  • The Request for Change of Major/Minor Confirms that your request has been submitted for consideration. Your request will be confirmed by email to your CSUN account. Click the View Major Status Change link.
  • The Change of Major/Minor Status page presents the record of your request(s), which includes the following information:
    • Details of the transaction (date and time, activity, institution, type, major/minor code and description, degree)
    • Status of application (applied, approved, or denied)
    • Option to Cancel your request
    • Return to this page to cancel your Change of Major/Minor if you change your mind. The Cancel button will remain visible until a response is received from an adviser or administrator.
    • Click the Go button after selecting Student Center from the “go to” drop-down option.
  • The SOLAR Student Center has exhibitions. If you log out, you can return to the SOLAR Student Center later to view the following information regarding the status of your request:
    • In the “Academics” section, pick Check Major/Minor Status from the “other academic” drop-down menu.
    • Click the “go” button then.
  • The decision is displayed on the Change of Major/Minor Status page as either approved or rejected. Additionally, a notification of the decision will be sent to your CSUN email account.
    • Click Back to Portal to return to myNorthridge.
    • When finished, click SIGN OUT.
  • Check your CSUN email account for a message informing you of the status of your Change of Major/Minor request.

How to use the CSUN class search feature

Class Search at CSUN enables students and visitors to view the Schedule of Classes at any time. Additional Category Search (e.g., GE courses, online courses, myCSUNtablet courses), Search only for Open courses View the required textbooks, View the final exam schedule for the class.

Class Search comprises three primary components:

  • Page for entering your search criteria
  • Page for viewing courses matching your criteria
  • Class Information page for seeing section-specific requirements and class notes

Follow the below procedures to use the CSUN class schedule search using the CSUN portal or myNorthridge Portal.

  • Utilizing a CSUN account: Enter your CSUN User ID and password to access myNorthridge Portal. Under “Enroll in Classes” or “Academic Quick Links” on the Academics menu, pick the Search for Classes icon.
  • Class Search can also be accessed directly at csun.edu/class-search.
  • There are four drop-down menus and one checkbox on the Class Search page.
  • Choose a term from the necessary *Term drop-down menu. A proposed Schedule of Classes can be viewed many months before enrollment begins.
  • Select a session type from the *Session needed menu:
    • Select Regular to view courses for non-matriculated Open University students and matriculated CSUN students.
    • Select The Tseng College – Credit to discover credit courses available through extension and summer courses for degree and certificate programs.
    • Choose The Tseng College – Non Credit to discover extended courses offered for Continuing Education units or no credit.
  • Select a topic from the Subject/Department drop-down menu. To display all courses offered by a department for the given session type and term. While the menu is active, enter the first letter of the subject to rapidly access it. For instance, input “K” to get directly to “KIN – Kinesiology.”
  • You can refine your search further by choosing an Additional Category.
  • To find online course types, select the Subject first. Select one of the four “Online” options listed below from the Additional Category menu. Finalize your search by selecting asynchronous, intermittent, or synchronous/scheduled online meetings. Course types consist of:
    • Classes that meet on campus 100% of the time (in person) or approximately 50% of the time (in person) (online hybrid).
    • Online – Entirely: There are no meetings on campus. Additional filter by:
      • FOA = Asynchronous: There are no online meetings arranged at specific times.
      • FOI = Intermittent: Certain online meetings are scheduled, and students are required to attend online at the designated hours.
      • FOS = Synchronous: All online meetings are scheduled, and students are required to participate online at predetermined times.
  • About fifty percent of class meetings are held on campus for online hybrid courses.
  • Online – On-Campus: The majority of meetings are held online, although some are held on campus (fewer than half). Online meetings can be asynchronous, intermittent, or synchronous/scheduled (COS).
  • To examine only the sections of classes that are open for enrollment, select the box labeled Show Open Classes Only. Class Search displays all planned sections by default, including open, closed (full), and canceled classes. You must view closed classes in order to create a waitlist for them. Next…
    • Click Quick Search to display search results.
    • The results of the search will be displayed in the Course List.
  • To view the Class Section List for a specific course, click the Expand symbol. The Class Section List is formatted as a table with column titles.
    • To sort a column, click the column’s header.
    • To display section-specific information, click the Detail icon in each section.
  • The Class Detail page is displayed for the specified class part. To begin a new search, return to the previous page and click Return. Choose the Reset button to clear all fields.

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