CalCentral: UC Berkeley Portal Login Portal Guide

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CalCentral login portal

What is CalCentral?

CalCentral simplifies the formerly disorganized online Berkeley experience for students, faculty, and employees. CalCentral compiles student data from dozens of campus sources into a personalized, mobile-friendly dashboard and digital assistant. CalCentral enables students, professors, and staff to access their school email, calendar, bCourses, and Course Capture straight from within the system.

The following is a list of accessible enrollment and scheduling reports. They can be accessible through the Reporting Center for CalCentral advisors or Campus Solutions by clicking to Main Menu > CAL Components > Reporting > Reporting Center.

Remarks on reports:

Some search criterion prompts, such as “Term” or “Institution,” are required for a report to run; these prompts are normally marked with an asterisk.

The number of rows of returned data decreases as more fields are filled in or checked. Conversely, the less the number of questions answered, the larger the final data set. For instance, if you do not specify a class number for a department, you will receive information on all classes in that department. If you provide a class number, only data for that class will be returned.

Check out: bCourses:UC Berkeley Canvas Access

While hovering over a report’s name, its purpose will be displayed.

SR Catalog & Schedule

Course Catalog
Course Components
Catalog Audit
Catalog Offerings Audit

Schedule of Classes
Concise (Schedule of Classes)
Extended (Schedule of Classes, w/mtg. patterns)
Detail (Schedule of Classes)
Class Attributes
Combined Sections
Classes with Topics Titles
Classes by Timeslot
Classes by Instructor
Exams by Class
Exams by Timeslot
Reserve Capacities by Class

SR Academic Units

Summary Reports
Counts by Plan

Student Lists
Active Students by Plan
CPP Detail by ID
CPP Audit by ID

SR Enrollment

Enrollment by Acad Units
Enroll Summary by Coll/School
Enroll Summary by Division
Enroll Summary by Dept.
Enroll Summary by Subject
Enroll Summary by Course
Enroll Summary by Class
Enroll Summary Hist by Course

Enrollment Lists by Class
Enrollments by Class|
Enrollments & Stats by Class
Enrollment Audit by Class

Enrollments by Student
Student Enrollment Appointment
Current Service Indicators
Enrollments by ID
Enrollments & Stats by ID
Term/Cum Stats by ID
Enrollment Audit by ID
Enrollment Add/Drop Audit by ID
Course Repeat Check by ID
FPF Enrl in Non-FPF Classes
Law Enrl in Non-Law Classes


CalCentral is an online portal that UC Berkeley students use to register for classes, pay bills, and apply for financial aid.

It compiles student data from dozens of campus sources into a tailored, mobile-friendly dashboard and digital assistant.

From within Cal Student Central, students, instructors, and staff can access bCourses, campus email, the UCB academic calendar, Course Capture, and more.

How to log in to Calcentral

To log into calcentral Berkeley portal,

  • Go to the website
  • Select Sign In.
  • Enter your CalNet ID on the page for CalNet Authentication Service.
  • Provide your passphrase (It is Case sensitive).
  • Click the “SIGN IN” button to access your Cal dashboard.

Can’t log in?

If you receive “invalid credentials” when attempting to log in, verify that you are using the right login information:

  • Your CalNet ID is not your email address; it is your user name.
  • Passphrases are case-sensitive; ensure that Caps Lock is disabled.
  • Visit Forgot My CalNet ID / Passphrase in order to reset your passphrase.

How to reset your password

You may request a reset of your CalNet ID and/or passphrase if you have forgotten them. Enter your Student Number, Employee Number, Affiliate Number, or Recovery (non-Berkeley) Email Address in the box and then click “Request Reset.” If the system has your email address on file, you will receive an email with further instructions.

How to view grades in calCentral

Following the semester: Final grades will show on the CalCentral Semesters card. When grades are posted by the instructor, they are displayed. However, please be patient: it may take up to one day for grades to appear after publishing.

Currently, there is no automated notification system; if a student wishes to know whether or not their grades have been uploaded, he or she must check CalCentral.

How can I check my account’s balance?

Your CalCentral account allows you to view your account balance. Sign in to the account. Choose the “My Finances” tab towards the page’s top. There, you may view your currently due fees, upcoming charges, and account balance. To examine further account information, select the “View Transactions” option in the Billing Summary section.

How do I obtain financial assistance?

CalCentral provides verification of your financial aid award. Visit the Financial Aid Forms page to gain access to the necessary documents.

How do I enroll?

Utilize CalCentral to see your academic record and register for classes. Request enrollment verification via your dashboard, “My Academics,” under Academic Records.

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