Bei Mpya Ya Vifurushi vya Azam 2022

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Bei Mpya Ya Vifurushi vya Azam 2022,vifurushi vipya azam tv,azam tv bei ya vifurushi.

In many African countries, Azam Tv is one of the best digital satellite service providers. Since it started in Tanzania in 2013, Azam TV packages have been a one-stop shop for all kinds of sports, entertainment, movies, kids’ shows, documentaries, news in national and international genres and languages, etc. With the goal of giving families in sub-Saharan Africa affordable, high-quality TV entertainment.

Azam Tv has been one of the few digital satellite providers to offer high-quality services at prices that are easy on the wallet. If you are trying to decide whether or not to buy an Azam TV, this post will help you. Here, we’ll go over the price and channel list for the new azam tv packages.

Bei Mpya Ya Vifurushi vya Azam

Bei Mpya Ya Vifurushi vya Azam 2022

At the moment, Azam TV has three packages: AZAM PLAY, AZAM PLUS, and AZAM PURE, AZAM LITE. Fans of football games can also get AZAM SPORTS as an extra package. All of the different Azam TV packages have different prices and, of course, different channel lists. Here is a list of all the channels that come with the new Azam Tv Packages Tanzania.

Bei Mpya Ya Vifurushi vya Azam Lite

One of the cheapest Azam TV packages is Azam Lite, which only costs Sh 8,000 per month. There are more than fifty-five (80+) channels to choose from in this package. good huh!!

Bei Mpya Ya Vifurushi vya Azam Pure

Another of Azam’s cheapest TV packages is Azam Pure, which costs only 13,000 Tsh per month to subscribe to. This package gives you access to more than fifty-five (75+) channels. With this package, you can watch news from countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zanzibar. You won’t be able to watch as many live football games because the package doesn’t have as many sports channels, but you can watch Azam sport HD, AMC series, and Swahili movies on the Sinema zetu channel to relax.

Bei Ya Vifurushi vya Azam Plus

Most of us hit the jackpot with Azam Plus packages.. It has more than ninety-five channels, and it only costs Tsh 20,000 per month to subscribe. With Azam plus, you can always find your favorite show to watch, no matter if you like football, movies, music, or just want to know what’s going on in the world.

Bei Mpya Ya Vifurushi vya Azam play

The most expensive Azam TV package is the one called “Azam Play.” The price was Tsh 35,000 per month. But just because something costs more doesn’t mean it can’t be paid for. Based on how many and what kinds of channels are in this package, it really is worth that much. The following channels are part of Azam Play.

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